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shareme for pc

shareme for pc

shareme for pc download

How to Use Share Me on mac

shareme app for windows

shareme for pc is required whenever you chose share-me as your primary wireless file transfer app to manage file transfer between phones like android and ios devices but you know you can even use this amazing wireless file transfer app for your pc or mac also but you need some little guide to follow remember there is not a dedicated app for pc or mac but you can use shareme for wireless file transfer between pc without hassle but the main question is that why should we use share me instead of other popular apps like zapya or share-it the simple answer is No ads no hassle and very simple layout that gives share-me app edge over other apps and off course that app is now available for all android phones no matter you are at Xiaomi or not big catch so now head over to our main point and get things straight how can transfer files wirelessly with shareMe app between pc and android phone –

Guide how to use share-me on pc

  • Download shareme from google play store
  • now open share-me app at your android phone
  • select to pc
  • now click on start button and you should see a ftp address
  • type that address in your windows explorer by opening the my computer and type there not in any of your internet browsers like chrome edge etc
  • you will see your android device inernal stroage now
  • you can use this method with pc and mac also
  • a detailed video guide is posted below check out –
share me for pc video

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