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mine ICE-Coin

How to Mine ICE-Coin & Setup Completly

How to mine ICE-Coin & Setup. Ice is a cool new crypto (digital money) you can get from any mobile phone. The Ice network works because lots of people trust it and believe that digital money is valuable and useful. To join Ice, you need an invite from someone already in. Then, you can start earning and creating your small groups right away. So, in short, you will be able to mine cryptocurrency from your mobile phone without wasting the battery or resources of your cell phone their mining app is available on both Android & IOS –

Mine ICE-Coin invite

well, you can start mining ice tokens right away from the ice app which you can download here – but after installing the app you need to sign up for their Blockchain network for that you need an ice token invitation link or code well no need to worry we got your back & you can simply click here or use,ujmix,as an invitation code –

Setup Mine ICE-Coin App Minning

After the successful signup process you should be in the ice token mining mobile app just click on the mining icon located in the center & mining process will start & start showing your current ice token mining speed. after 24 hours they will ask for face verifications that can be completed easily from your mobile camera just make sure you have a nice light & clean camera lens – and in the next step of KYC may ask for social media verification that can be done on the app too-

How to mine & Setup ICE-Coin

Mine ICE-Coin staking Setup

well, ice-coin will offer you to stake your coins for 1 to 5 years the more you stake the more is a bonus & your mining rate will be increased -It is up to you how much you much time you gonna take & how much amount of ice tokens you staking chose that carefully because once you chose staking amount & time there is no revert button – and your mined tokens will be locked for that duration we suggest you stake upto 50% tokens so that you can play and earn at the same time – in that scenario, your 50% earning will be locked the time frame you chose and remaining tokens can be transferred to wallet or exchange –

How to boost the mining rate of ice-coin

you can increase the ming power of ice coin in several ways listed below –

  1. You can boost your earnings from ice tokens by your referral Link so whenever someone signs up by your link your mining rate will be increased –
  2. staking is the way to increase the ice coin mining rate the more you stake the more you have speed – but choose that wisely as we mentioned above the whole process is not reversible –

How to withdraw or exchange ice-token

you can easily transfer convert or withdraw your ice-tokens from the exchanges – recently the OKX Exchange listed the ICE-Coin on the spot for the first time & OKX is the First Exchange to List Ice Open Network’s ICE Token on the Spot Market now this article has published OKX official Blog Here


As we know mining crypto is a bit expensive process that involves GPU-CPU power so not everyone can mine crypto at home nowadays but with mobile mining, everyone can mine crypto in pockets – for that we have 3 coins in the market to look at 1-PI-coin 2-beeNetwork 3-ice-coin the key difference between PI & bee coins compared to ICE Ice Open Network (ION) is transparency & key role of holders plus ICE Coin is now officially listed on OKX exchange that makes lots of sense – you can easily setup ice-coin on the go to explore endless possibilities for now this project looks way better then any other mobile crypto mining platform – bitcoin ETF is also making sense that people are showing lots of interest in crypto world you can have look at our dedicated article here

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