Nvidia RTX 4090 Mining & Gaming

Nvidia RTX 4090 Mining & Gaming

Nvidia RTX 4090 Mining & Gaming Details are getting leaked online every day on the web showing that the upcoming Nvidia,s RTX 4090 GPU should be a giant in terms of power efficiency and ROI GeForce RTX 4090 TGP allegedly confirmed at 600 W with potential for over 800 W for the RTX 4090 Ti that will be released after 4090 base model these massive specifications of Geforce 4090 already hints huge gain over RTX 3090 we will try to gather all the information till now we got about Nvidia RTX 4090 in this article and how this graphic card should perform against the rivals like RTX 3090 and RTX 4090 vs RX 7900 xt compassion are such a hot debate for gamers and crypto miners Also where they look for hash rates of Nvidia 4090 and 4000 series ROI & power consumption First we will compare Nvidia 3090 with 4090 –

Nvidia RTX 3090 Vs 4090

As we know both are flagship giant graphics cards top of the line the time is now to compare both big buddies with each other so we should better know about before making any decision to buy these Expensive GPU, S .as you know 4090 is still on papers and leaks for rtx 4090 pops up almost At daily basic like someone shared a crypto mining farm that is power by Nvidia 4090 & RX 7000 graphics cards workers

crypto mining farm powered by Nvidia 4090ti

The details come from multiple farmers in the Ethereum mining pool Flexpool, which allegedly is using two RTX 4090 Ti and two Radeon 7000 graphics cards Look at the insane amount of power RTX 4090ti with 1.25 TH/s & RX 7000 from Amd got Almost 700 GH/S which is also great for Crypto miners now if the leaks are true enough then we can say the difference between RTX 3090 and RTX 4090 Is HUGE Because Nvidia RTX 3090 can generate 125MH/S This amount is almost 1/3 of 4090ti which we have seen in leaked crypto farm image

RTX 4090ti Power Consumption

power consumption is the main factor for any crypto mining farm or individual that is directly linked to ROI of Your Graphics Card or Worker current Online leaks saying that the RTX 4090 could run with a TGP of 600W (that’s Total Graphics Power, meaning the maximum power delivered to the card – that’s also promising if we look at the Hash Rates of Nvidia 4090ti A big plus ROI –

RTX 4090 Price & Availability

the availability and price tags are the main factors for any gamer or crypto mining firm According to Notebookcheck – the GeForce RTX 4090 will have a price tag of US$1,899, with an announcement in September and availability in October. While that price is US$400 above the original MSRP for the RTX 3090 & The Upraged TI version of RTX 4090ti Should be Above 2500$ of course, not a price tag for mid-range gamers but A cool deal for Crypto miners – Nvidia RTX 4090 Mining & Gaming

RTX 4090 gaming

RTX 4090 Gaming

Now let’s talk about some gaming at RTX 4090 and Nvidia,s 4000 series graphics card we have seen the price tag of 2500$ MSRP of course that’s not for a hammer but there will be Dedicated LHR versions for gaming prospective Like we have seen in the past for RTX 3000 LHR series that was truly dedicated to gamers by locking the hash rates with LHR Technolgy First that was Soft LHR from Nvidia by putting LHR into their drivers that can be easily bypassed Here in our dedicated post But within newer graphics cards LHR Got Built into Their Graphic Card Bios That’s called Hard LHR Locked even mentioned on the graphics card box that you are buying an LHR or non-lhr card mostly we have seen LHR tech in Nvidia 3060 to 3080 mid-range graphic cards for mining A lhr Card isn’t cool and will not get enough hash rate but if you are buying a card for gaming then you can surely go for an LHR GPU with lower price tags that won’t effects the FPS Now lets get back to the nvidia 4090 gaming again we have some great leakes about gaming with rtx 4090 suggussting 4k gaming at insane 300 + Fps – Nvidia RTX 4090 Mining & Gaming

GeForce RTX 4090 teased in Rainbow Six: Siege 383FPS average at 4K meanwhile RTX 3090 hits 213FPS

RTX 4090 Gaming

Nvidia RTX 4090 Mining & Gaming conclusion

We have seen so many leaks about Nvidia RTX 4090 Mining & Gaming last year till now miners gamers YouTubers & Twitter from almost everywhere showing great or we say insane results that are mind-blowing for Crypto Miners Yes I am saying that Because we all know The MSRP Price tags are justified by their performance we have seen yet but that will surely get out of stock for sure & if you are a true gamer then you won’t be able to get at Stock Nvidia MSRP prices for RTX 4000 series we suggest you keep rolling and playing with Nvidia 3000 series like they got RTX 3050 for low-end gamers and miners also Have a Look Here But if you got eyes at Crypto mining then the results looks so much profitable almost DOuble of ROI in months you can definitely go for Beast 4090 & 4090ti –

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