How To Fix Pubg Mobile Ping

How to pubg mobile ping

Nowadays everyone is talking and playing pubg mobile and it’s getting so viral in mobile gaming but unfortunately, Many people facing lag or high ping issues in pubg mobile where they got stuck or even sometimes it’s so painful or unplayable games for some people will try to tell you some tips and tricks to fix pubg mobile ping so you may get better gaming experience and fewer lag lets get started

  1. Close Any Running Apps in the background of your mobile They will interrupt your gaming experience and may result in high ping,
  2. For Android, You should enable single or primary sim & also enable gaming mode for the best and unmatched gaming experience on some devices you can enable Fnatic mode which is powered by eSports & should enable Low latency for better ping in pubg mobile
  3. For Apple Open Notification center and enable Do Not Disturb Mode Which will Decline any incoming calls or notifications so you will get better ping in pubg mobile Ios
  4. Enable Airplane Mode If You Are Playing At Wifi this will fix pubg mobile ping and lag also
  5. Install Cloudflare,s App From App store or google play and from there Only enable Dns Not wrap So You May get the constant ping in pubg download link for Apple App Store is Here & for Android Click Here
  6. Always Play At Smooth graphics and from frame rate select the most higher frame rates your mobile supports
  7. This Tip Is For Android Only and it depends on your mobile carrier if your carrier supports 4g then select 4g only in mobile networks settings or if your carrier only supports 3g then select 3g only mode for a better and lower ping if you don’t have 4g or 3g only mode then you can download 4g only or lte only apps from google play and from their select LTE or 4g only or even 3g only but remember this will disable any incoming calls or messages and will focus on the internet only so after the gaming session just reboot or reselect auto 3g/4g mode from your mobile network settings that will restore your previous settings and you will be able to receive calls and messages as usual
  8. Don’t Use Mobile Covers they will lead your device to heat up and also higher ping problems so avoid them for a smooth pug experience
  9. Get Your Mobile In the better signal position you can check it by changing your sitting location This will Automatically Lower and fix your Pubg Mobile ping issues
  10. Select the Better server that is nearest to your location like if you live in Dubai just select middle east server or you live in Europe then select the Europe server

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