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how to download pubg lite any country

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How to get pubg pc for free this is the most asked question over the internet in the online gaming community so the short and clear answer to this is,, Yes, you can now download and play pubg pc for free from official global pubg servers download, the new pubg free version called pubg pc lite which is now free and in the beta state that is now open for the countries listed below ;

pubg pc lite free download global

Pubg lite countries

PUBG LITE Beta Test is now open for Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand

How to get pubg pc lite in any country

pubg pc lite servers are open for the specific listed countries we mentioned above so what about the world? and how to get pubg lite in any part of the world, just relax and sit back we got your back and we will let you know the easy-to-follow steps where you will be able to get and play the pubg lite anywhere in the world just follow the steps below ;

1 – Open your Browser and go to this link after that you will be on the official pubg pc lite webpage,

2 – click on create an account & create your pubg account and verify that account with your email

3 – from the page click download or click here to download pubg pc lite launcher,

4 – after that install the downloaded pubg launcher

5 – now you have to use VPN to get pubg pc lite working here we will use VPN gate which is totally free to use now click here to download VPN gate

6 – after downloading extracting and installing the VPN gate now openSoftEther VPN Client Manager & click VPN gate public VPN relay servers now from the list carefully select the country which is near to you and is open for pubg lite servers like.
Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, or Thailand now you will be connected to the desired country server –

7 – open pubg clinet put in your login details it will start downloading your pubg pc files

8 – after the download and auto install of pubg pc lite just click run and enjoy the free pubg pc

Note: You have to use VPN whenever you want to play pubg pc lite without VPN it will give you a connection error or server timeout error you can use any other VPN client to get connected to pubg servers ,


well now pubg lite is out of beta and available world wide so you can download and play pubg pc lite normally without any VPN here

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