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Crypto Currency Mining With Latest Macbooks

M1 max vs Nvidia

apple m1 max mining This Amazing question is now poping rapidly in every crypto minner after the latest Apple announcements about their MacBook lineup. that’s an amazing line-up not for apple lovers also the latest MacBook pro line up gains the attention of people who are mining the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Etherum what makes this line up so special for miners right now let us explain –

Why Apple m1 max For mining ?

The simple answer to this is the new Apple m1 max is a very powerful chip according to apple but we will also show you some real benchmarks where you can also watch the actual results of the m1 max chip

m1 max specification
This is the specification of m1 max

As you can see based on the 5nm process & 400gb/s makes it super powerful and efficient & injection of 32-core GPU makes things better –

As you know we power consumption is the main theory that works behind the scene for crypto miners if you got this right and energy efficient then you can make more profit with the mining industry below chart from Apple is clearly showing the supremacy in energy per watts consumption that is making this amazing m1max chip more favorable for miners –

M1 max power consummation
Apple M1 Max Vs High-End Laptop Graphics Power Consumption Chart.

Apple M1 Max Mining Hash rates

Now we will talk about some M1 max actual mining hash rates that will show pictures more clear as you know its a brand new chip and we don’t have much data to share but we can ensure you that because of very high memory size & bandwidth According to Rough Idea M1 MAx SHould be able to get about 55/MHS For ETH mining One more thing The 16inch MACBOOK PRO with m1 max chip Will get Virtual Power boost feature This makes more sense so miners may be able to pull out more for mining. we also got some more benchmarks for m1max below have check –

apple m1 max mining
M1 max vs 3070 vs 3080 vs 3070 desktop

The above Chart is showing m1 max outperforming NVidia 3070 & even Nvidia 3080 but only mobile terms Not desktop even Nvidia 3070 desktop able to beat m1max by 11% that’s quite a low margin but ITS A win for Nvidia desktop –

M1 max vs Nvidia prices

m1 max MacBooks starts from 1099$ and goes up to 2999$ while Nvidia graphics cards are also very expensive these days because of shortage and supply /demand difference like if an NVidia 3080 costs you around 2000$ & and at the other side you got MacBook pro at 1500$ & the results are same why not Apple because that will gives you more freedom of after-sale price as you know apple products got reasonable price even after decent usage that’s the big difference at the other end used minind Nvidia graphics cards are very hard to be sold

THE Final Words & Results

No doubt m1 max got lots of hard work and work well-done by Tech giant apple but consider it such a new in mining world & wait for few time so we will be able to put some more authentic benchmarks from the world and real miners on both sides have pro,s, and cons you should keep in mind like you can customized your Nvidia rig but you cant customize your beloved latest MacBook pro with m1max – at the other end price and after-sale price making big difference and availability is also another point because of Latest Chip shortage scenario its really hard to to get your desired graphics card at resonable fair price SO decision is ALL Yours For Now Good Luck –

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