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call of duty mobile best settings

Call of Duty Mobile Settings You Need To Change

The best cod mobile settings for a lag-free and better gaming experience are here with these settings your call of duty mobile game should be better and smooth. You will get better fps and response from cod mobile and enemies in-game – these are the best settings you need to change right after getting the call of duty mobile with these settings your gameplay will almost look like a pro and if you switched from pubg mobile, then definitely you will feel much comfortable with these settings – Cod mobile optimized settings are supported by IOS, Android, and Tablets if you are using emulator then you can try but phones and tablets are best-supported devices and recommended for these settings this post also covers the topics mentioned below –

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Let’s get started and open settings click the tiny settings icon in the advanced mode now from here select hip instead of ADS expect snipers this will give you instant fire at your enemies without opening or waiting for scope but let the sniper ON ADS because we need scope at snipers off course

Cod mobile guns and fire settings

Now click on basic and Mp there you will see the settings just change settings like in the picture below

cod mobile mp mode settings
  • Aim Assist = on
  • Fast Throw Grenade = off
  • a quick run from prone-on
  • joystick auto sprint = on
  • fixed R Fire BTN = on
  • And All The remaining settings Should be off or unchecked there

Now Cod Mobile ADS Settings

Call of duty ads settings
  • In ADS select Tap to ADS
  • Display left fire button = keep it off if you are not a claw or 4 finger player but if you play with 4 fingers keep it on
  • In the Slide, setting Keep Tap Crouch While Sprinting on because this will help you faster slider whenever there’s an enemy in front of you
  • Now In the gyroscope settings of Call of duty mobile its totally up to you if you are a gyro user then turn it on if not then turn the gyro off
  • camera fov should be 75 so you can see wider as possible

Now Apply the same settings in Br Mode and Zombie Mode to Enjoy the same settings in different modes

Call of duty mobile best graphics settings

cod mobile optimized graphic settings

Now click on audio and graphic settings and select low in graphic quality and from frame rate select high or very high for better FPS

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