PMWL 2020 Latest Ranking

pmwl 2020 rankings

Pmwl today rankings

pubg mobile world league 2020 points table

here’s the latest points table and rankings of pubg mobile world league 2020

PMWL 2020 Finals Standings

East League Finals Results

PositionTeamPlace PointsKills PointsTotal Points
1Bigetron RA174113 kills287 points
2Orange Rock167111 kills278 points
3RRQ Athena175101 kills276 points
4Box Gaming152118 kills270 points
5U Level Up Esports16492 kills256 points
6TSM Entity125112 kills237 points
7T113489 kills223 points
8Valdus The Murder11293 kills205 points
9TeamIND11290 kills202 points
10MegaStars11969 kills188 points

Winner = Bigetron RA is the winner of PMWL 2020

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