Fact check: Covid vaccinated people die in two years?

Fact check: Covid vaccinated people die in two years?

Fact check: Covid vaccinated people die in two years? this viral message on social media is now super trending these days while the world is fighting back for Corona Virus and lots of countries and laboratories are Comming Forward with the latest developments against Novel Corona Virus they are creating Vaccines and we have many covid-19 vaccines out there like Oxford–AstraZeneca, Pfizer–BioNTech Sputnik V Sinopharm- BBIBP Moderna, Johnson & Johnson But despite that, we have a large scale of fake news and rumors around us that makes people think should they go for vaccine or not So we Are here to solve this and check the fact of viral message going on WhatsApp and social media by the name of formal famous novel prize winner virologist Dr. LUC Montagnier claiming that People who got Covid vaccinated Will die in next 2 years,, But wait what Actually Dr. Montagnier Said First Lets Have A look The Video below –

Covid vaccinated people die in two years?
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So After watching the Whole Video, you can clearly decide what does actually dr Montagnier Said in their latest Covid-19 statement,, Based on the articles and interviews, Montagnier claims the new COVID variants are a result of vaccines. But the articles only appear to be one-sided without any factual backing and other scientists’ claims on vaccines. Montagnier is a known advocate of the anti-vaccine community and his views are not surprising. However, the French virologist did not say “there is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have been vaccinated already. We must be prepared to incinerate the bodies.”

SO Clearly Its A Fake And twisted Viral message OR fake news Myth Is busted :

We Also Check The Famous PIB Twitter handle to check this Fact and we found it a fake news

COVID-19 vaccine: Statement attributed to French virologist turns out to be false

So the Final Result Of this Fact check Are Below

Claim Reviewed :

The viral post claims all vaccinated people will die in two years

Claimed By :

WhatsApp, News reports

Fact Check :


fact check of covid news

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