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Get Back Youtube Dislikes

Get Back Youtube Dislikes

How to Get Back Youtube Dislike Counts

How to see youtube dislikes

Get Back Youtube Dislikes with a simple chrome extension which is now working for both mobile and desktop devices As you noticed Youtube Recently update its Algorithm and content policy & You won’t see Dislike counts or numbers as a viewer But if you are a creator of that specific video then dislike count is only shown to the creator so what happen when you click a dislike button on any random youtube video – You will see a message, Feedback is shared with Creator that means your dislike behavior is shared and can only be seen by content creator That’s Not fair for most people out there who just want to see a full statistic of video like before so there is a very quick tutorial on this you can easily get back your youtube dislike button with very simple steps please note -Get Back Youtube Dislikes

How to see youtube dislike count on pc & Mac With Chrome

The first step is to use Google Chrome. Google’s browser will allow you to install various plug-ins from the Chrome Web Store

A plug-in was released called ‘Return YouTube Dislike’. This plug-in essentially returns the full YouTube dislike functionality as it was before.

  1. Install Google Chrome
  2. Visit the Chrome Web Store
  3. Install ‘Return YouTube Dislike
  4. You will see the plug-in appear in your plug-in list in the top right of Chrome
  5. Now Enable this and restart your browser to see the magic you will be able to see dislike count on videos as usal

how to see youtube dislike count on android

For android phones and devices, the tricky bit is you have to download the Kiwi Browser From this link And after that as usual open the browser and install the chrome extension Return Youtube Dislike As we have shown in the video below: Get Back Youtube Dislikes

Video showing how to see youtube dislike counts on android

How to see youtube dislike count On IOS & iphone

For Ios and iPhone users, there is a dedicated extension you can download here to get back youtube dislike counts on iPhone and ios devices The safari extension name is Dislikes Democratized simply download from the App store to see the youtube dislike counts on videos this is how you can Get Back Youtube Dislikes

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