Gfx Tool For Android 12

Gfx Tool For Android 12

Gfx Tool For Android 12 is in demand after the latest release of android 12 for the public after beta testing now major tech companies like one plus Xiaomi Samsung sony & Nokia now pushing android 12 updates for their flagship devices and in 2022 we will see android 12 on more mid or low range devices also followed by high-end flagships lots of changing and optimizations are there for latest android flavor we will list most highlighted android 12 changes below before going to discuss Gfx Tool For Android 12

Latest Changes & features In Android 12

Android12 Latest Changes

There are lots of things to discuss and love about the latest android version which is called android 12 named Snow Cone but we will highlight only the major changes and features :

Privacy features in Android 12

Privacy features in Android 12 are really enhanced from previous versions of android os you will have more control over your privacy and security-related options.

  • You can now see when an app is using your microphone or camera thanks to a new indicator in your phone’s status bar. And if you don’t want any apps to access your microphone or camera, you can completely disable those sensors using two new toggles in Quick Settings. Simply flip the switch just like IOS and Windows that’s the Mic Privacy Feature From Android 12.
  • Android 12 allows you to choose between giving apps access to your precise location or an approximate location instead It Means more control over location access by Apps.
  • Have apps that you haven’t used in a while? Unused apps’ permissions will reset and cached files will be removed to help free up space on your device

New Gaming Experience with Android 12

With Android 12 you will not get the latest game center for managing all your games but also get new gaming enhancements With Android 12, select games will allow you to play as you download, so you can jump straight into gameplay without needing to wait for the full download to finish That’s Awsome For Gamers –

  • Android 12 is packed with lots of other great features that you can learn more about at

working gfx tool for Android 12

Gfx tool is working for low-end and high-end gaming devices to modify their gaming performance and graphics from the last few years that can be used with almost every famous battle royal FPS mobile game like PUBG Mobile Pubg new state Call Of Duty Mobile Etc whenever you install a brand new mobile fps game like pubg mobile your gaming experience is directly linked to your device specifications like if you got high-end mobile device your gaming experience should be better instead of low-end gaming device & you will get better fps results and more options to customize the game but for Low-End gaming devices There is a tool called gfx tool which goes beyond the limits and Unlocks the default graphics option to Full graphics options where you can change more settings for your games like pubg mobile call of duty etc gfx tool for android 11 is already available and we have a dedicated post on that here check out.

But what if you got the latest Android 12 device or your mobile android 12 then we got your back and have a working solution for you

List of working gfx tools Android 12

Here is the working Android 12 Gfx tool list for pubg mobile which may work for other games also like pubg new state call of duty mobile and pubg mobile lite.

  1. GFX Tool for PUBG – Game Launcher & Optimizer
  2. PGT: GFX, Launcher & Optimizer
  3. FlashDog – GFX Tool
  4. GFX TOOL 90 FPS for PUBG


The final words of this post which is all about android 12 and the gfx tool are clear you should update your devices to android 12 because of the great gaming and privacy experience & you should not worry about GFX Tool Or pubg mobile compatibility with android 12 just select your favorite gfx tool from our tested Android 12 gfx tool list -That’s It For The Gfx Tool For Android 12 – we will update the list as we got more great gaming tools and gfx for android 12 and you can also put your recommendations Below in comments –

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