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How to Update Tws Earbuds

How to Update Tws Earbuds

How to Update Tws Earbuds – we know Tws or true wireless earbuds are very trending in the audio section for music calls and even some gamers are using earbuds or AirPods for mobile gaming people are shifting from old fashioned wired headphones to wireless headphones which makes their life much comfortable because you don’t have to worry about tangle or cable management ETC many earbuds & AirPods are available in the market for different flavors their from low to high price tags even you can buy decent TWS earbuds in 25$ to 500$ all depends at your needs Now almost every single Mobile company launched their own AirPods or Tws earbuds Like Apple was the first to introduce True Wireless Headphones with the release of Apple AirPods & now they have multiple AirPods tws and wireless headphones like AirPods pro AirPods 3 and many more pods with the branding of beats At the other End Android Mobile Giants Are there with Own Branded Earpods like RealME oppo Xiaomi Oneplus & SONY Already introduced their Tws Line Ups for dedicated customers

Why We Need Software Updates For Airpods – Tws?

As you know TWS or AirPods are based on hardware and software combinations most of the modern days earbuds have dedicated chips like Qualcomm MediaTek or Apple Chips for Wireless Tws Are the most demanding and used chips for earbuds have dedicated software that is working inside their earbuds But you know when things come to Software End then there is always a chance for bugs and improvements so occasionally we see apple and other tech companies like Xiaomi one plus Samsung & sony constantly Pushing Firmware Updates for their Tws line Ups to fix bugs and achieve better performance –

How to Update Firmware On TWS Earbuds

You can easily update the software/firmware of your TWS & Airpods just follow the simple steps

  • Download the Dedicated App for your Tws Like if you are using realme buds then download realme link from the play store or AppStore or if you are using other brands like Samsung sony MI then simply follow the user manual where you will find the dedicated app for your Tws Earbuds or wireless air pods A google search is Also a Good idea.
  • Charge your earbuds & cellphone
  • turn on airplane mode if you have Wifi otherwise Using Mobile data is fine but make sure there,s no calls or interruptions during the update process Also Stop any music, etc
  • keep your Tws Earbuds out of the charging case and connect with your mobile
  • open the App for your earbuds here we are using realme air buds neo as an example we will open the Real-Me Link App and After connecting to the earbuds from the app you should see A Firmware Update Option If there –
RealMe Link App Updating Real me Buds Neo
  • Now Click Update and wait for a few mins Your Airpods or Tws Earbuds Will be Restart And reconnected That’s how you can update your wireless earbuds A detailed Demo video is posted below
How to Update Earbuds Video
RealMe buds Firmware Update Video

How to update Apple Airpods

If you have apple AirPods & want to check the latest software updates for your AirPods then you can follow the steps below to get your Apple Air Pods Updated to the latest Firmware which will definitely improve the performance of your apple AirPods and should fix the software related bugs for AirPods and AirPods pro SO its worth Checking And installing latest Firmware Updates for AirPods –

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Navigate to the “Bluetooth” menu
  3. Find your AirPods in the list of devices
  4. Tap the “i” next to them
  5. Look at the “Firmware Version” number To get the Latest Updates for apple airpods

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