How To Reset Lenovo Earbuds

How To Reset Lenovo earbuds

How to reset Lenovo earbuds that are the question asked by many people who bought Lenovo earbuds but can’t get proper functionality or are unable to read the manual because most Lenovo earbuds come with a Chinese manual that most people can’t understand there are lots of videos and online articles about that even from official Lenovo websites like this one here. But in fact, we have lots of Lenovo earbud models like gaming earbuds ANC earbuds, and wireless neckbands almost resetting theory is different from model to model they mostly have touch buttons so you won’t be able to Rest Your Lenovo Airbuds Directly but before that let’s talk about why you need to repair or reset your Lenovo earbuds in the following article we will discuss various ways that How To Reset Lenovo earbuds –

Why Reset My Earbuds?

there are several reasons to reset or Re-Pair your Lenovo earbuds If you’ve ever had to reset your earbuds because they stopped working, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explore why resetting earbuds is often necessary, and how to do it properly. Earbuds are delicate little devices, and they can easily become damaged or malfunction. Resetting them is often the best way to fix common problems. However, resetting Lenovo earbuds can be a little bit tricky. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step so you can get your Lenovo earbuds working again in no time. remember patience is the key & every Lenovo model works with almost a similar reset method you just need to be a bit focused – The No 1 reason to Reset your earbuds is if you can only hear music/voice on one side after pairing with your mobile even after power-off or reboot –

Reset Lenovo Earbuds

  • Remove one earbud from the charging case.
  • Tap the touch panel 7 times to enter pairing mode (Earbud light rapid flash white/red).
  • Tap the touch panel 6 times to reset pairing (the Earbud light flashes white 3 times then shut off), then place the earbud into the charging case.
  • Repeat steps 2-4 for the 2nd earbud.
  • Remove both earbuds from the charging case, and the earbuds will be paired automatically within 3 seconds.
  • Reconnect/re-pair with your mobile device.
  • Note – that’s the official Guide to rest Lenovo earbuds.

How to reset Lenovo earbuds

Now the main part of this post is many people are unable to do the job with the above method explained so we dug in deep and got to know that more ways can vary from model to model to reset Lenovo earbuds like gaming earbuds got a slightly different method to do the trick for How To Reset Lenovo earbuds

  • remove one earbud from the charging case and tap 4 times rapidly on the touch panel
  • the earbud should turn off by itself (in some cases you need to tap 5 times also )
  • Now remove the 2nd earbud from the charging case and tap 4 times on the touch panel until they get auto turn-off
  • Now At the same time Long press the touch panel of both Lenovo earbuds until they turn on at the same time
  • they will clear the previous pairing records and do the fresh pairing with each other within 30 seconds.
How to Rest Lenovo Earbuds Video
How to reset Lenovo earbuds manually

factory data reset Lenovo buds

Here is another alternative method if the ways mentioned above not working for you – If the left and right earphones are not connected with mobile phones and other related Bluetooth devices after they are turned on, click the left and right earphones touch buttons five times, then turn off the left and right earphones and put them back in the charging box to regroup and enter the Bluetooth connection status- & If you want to know how you can update the firmware of your Earbuds then have a look at our dedicated post here

Lenovo Smart Wearable app
How To Reset Lenovo earbuds
Lenovo smart wearable app

Lenovo Smart Wearable app is a dedicated app that can communicate with your Lenovo products like watches earbuds headphones and gives you advanced features like customized sound settings and earbud controls Updating Firmware that can fix lots of bugs caused by software so keep checking & download the official Lenovo app for earbuds here – Also there are few things to remember first fully charge your Lenovo earbuds & case then you should try reset -a factory reset or upgrade the firmware on your Lenovo earbuds – This is How To Reset Lenovo Earbuds –

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