Windows 11 Lenovo SSD Cache Setup Made Easy: Elevate Your Speed

how to configure ssd cache in windows 11

SSD cache on Windows 11 with Lenovo laptops can be tricky, as there are no clear instructions or guides from Lenovo or any other forums. Unfortunately, SSD cache technology has been around for quite a long time, and there are various principles and types of SSD caching.

The most popular ones are Intel RST or Intel Optane, which you can download directly from the Intel website. After successful installation, you should have a graphical interface where you can easily set up things like SSD cache or Intel Optane rst latest setup

The same goes for AMD they have StoreMI Technology to get better caching and speed optimizations on their boards and processors according to an official AMD statement on their website If you have an AMD X570, PRO 565, B550, A520, 400 Series, X399, TRX40 or WRX80 motherboard, you can download StoreMI for free.if you have Windows installed on your HDD and want SSD-like performance with a smaller budget and no need to reinstall OS all you need is A smaller Cheap SSD and a large HDD where you installed Windows how to setup amd store mi

what is SSD cache and how does it work?

SD cache, also known as flash caching, is a data management system that was developed by Intel in the early 2010s1 but now AMD is also supporting ssd caching as we discuss above A cache is a part of the memory (either hardware or software) that stores frequently used data for easy and fast access An SSD can access data much faster than an HDD, especially for random and small reads and writes that are common in everyday tasks such as booting up, launching applications, browsing the web,A software-based controller is a program that runs on your operating system and manages the SSD cache like intel rst and AMD StoreMI but there are also some third party caching softwares like express cache , primo cache and synology –

How to Configure SSD Cache On Lenovo with windows 11

well first try to configure ssd cache with intel rst or if you are using amd then AMD StoreMI in some cases like mine you got lenovo laptop and intel rst graphical interface not showing up then you need express cache software which is offcialy supported on lenovo laptops and you can download express cache here after installing express cache simply reboot the system and remember there,s no GUI so dont worry we will confirm if ssd cache is working or not by Command in CMD – for that follow the steps below

1 – Type cmd in search bar and open command promt (right click & run as Adminstrator)

2- now type ,, eccmd -info ,, and hit enter how should see the deatiled view of your cache drive and info

we also posted the video below so you can better understand the procces –

Video : How to configure ssd cache on lenovo

How to configure ssd cache on lenovo

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