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how to update tpm on dell

how to update tpm on dell

how to update tpm on dell laptops and PC,s we will discuss and let you know how you can easily and safely prepare your beloved DELL Laptop for A Secure TPM Update that ensures safety and success also many of you wonder why we suddenly need to update TPM which you may not even know about that your device has an Embedded security chip that works for Secure System at the hardware level with SOme Cryptographic Technolgy to provide higher-level system security and stability some people already knows about that TPM thing but most of us aren’t aware UNTILL Windows 11 came out that introduce a new system requirement that is called TPM ( Trusted Platform Module ) if you get into the depth of tpm then we can easily say that most devices are shiipied with TPM 1.2 or TPM 2 if you buy or upgrade your PC recently then you should have TPM Version 2 but if your device is older then you may have TPM 1.2 – Well the Good News is WIndows 11 Can Also run with TPM 1.2 that’s the minimum Requirement from Microsoft you can check here But for secure and recommended Way to enjoy Latest Windows 11 builds you should have TPM 2.0 Enabled -how to update tpm on dell laptops and systems

How to Enable & check TPM ON DELL

The first thing we should check is the TPM versions that currently we have on our laptops or PC,s to do this simple task First Open The System Bios by pressing F2 in Most Dell Cases we got the F2 key for Getting Into bios just turn on the system and press f2 you should see BIOS of your dell laptop now from there if you have UEFI BIOS like the picture shown below then just select security and then TPM Security options or names Maybe vary Model to model Now Turn ON TPM By selecting Enable click save and restart your system.


Now After A restart Into your Windows simply click the windows start menu and type power Shell in the search bar you will see the PowerShell in the search right-click & Run Powershell As Administrator

How to open PowerShell in windows 11

Now In the power shell Run This Command Get-TPM

How to check tpm status with PowerShell

As you can see this will output like this TPM Is ready and enabled and we can also see tpm 1.2 version is currently running you can also type tpm in windows 11 search and then select security processor For more details -under the device manager >security devices you can also find details of TPM Module – now we will talk about how to update tpm on dell systems –

How to Update TPM 1.2 To 2.0 On Dell

Now we know that our system has tpm 1.2 and is enabled in bios and windows this is the time to update your old TPM to the Latest TPM version which will be the most likely TPM version 2 as we are using the dell system for this so dell write a detailed Article About WHich dell system can get tpm update you can check here after that check

  • Go to the Dell product support page.
  • Enter your Service TAG or select your model number from our product list.
  • Click the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  • Select Security from the drop-down category box.
  • Look for Dell TPM 2.0 Firmware update utility.
  • If it is listed, it confirms you can run the update. just download the update
  • Run the Update as administrator follow on-screen instructions your system should restart and Boom you have just updated your dell tom firmware successfully – This is how to update tpm on dell

How to Fix Windows Auto-provisioning of the TPM

For some dell Owners if you got a windows Auto-provisioning Error while TPM update then the fix is simple to open Powershell once again & type Disable-TPMAutoProvisioning in the command prompt Hit enter Now Power off your Computer and Power it up and press [F2] to get to the Dell UEFI BIOS Setup. Select TPM 1.2 or 2.0 Security and select Clear Restart your System Try The TPM Firmware Update for your dell system –

Conclusion of dell tpm update

well in simple words if you want a long time run with windows 11 or even windows 10 then the TPM update is Recommended to work with the Windows defender security system to work properly especially if you got windows 11 But its also fine if you got older TPM version with your laptop windows 11 will also work but at least check for support page for your laptop or PC you may have A FIRMWARE UPDATE FOR TPM available if you don’t wish to update TPM and skip all the checks by windows 11 then check this dedicated Post or even if you got HP System then check out our dedicated article how to update tpm on HP – that’s it for how to update tpm on dell –

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