how to update tpm 1.2 to 2.0 hp

how to update tpm 1.2 to 2.0 hp

how to update tpm 1.2 to 2.0


hp tpm configuration utility

hp tpm configuration utility latest version download

how to update TPM 1.2 to 2.0 hp laptops and pc,s are now very trending question after the surprized release of Microsoft Windows 11 after the official Microsoft event it’s now very clear that which systems can be automatically upgraded to windows 11 With All the systems requirements Are now out but the big fish is TPM which is Security related feature With hardware Chips came with your laptop or pc from years embedded into BIOS where you can turn on or off TPM

Why We Need TPM ?

why we need TPM suddenly after the windows 11 release? The short answer to this > WINDOWS 11 Needs TPM2.0 to be enabled and functional as installation requirement well let me tell you most computers have tpm 1.2 module chip because TPM 1.2 Was released in 2011 and TPM 2.0 Was released back in 2019 so we need to update TPM firmware from 1.2 to 2.0 –

How TO Check TPM Version

You can check your systems TPM Version Within Windows 10 easily just type tpm in search you will see Security Processor System Setting click on that & that will open the following page where you can check your tpm details in windows 10 –

Windows 10 Security Processor Details

IF you got 2.0 on the specification version then you are now good and No need to play with these settings or TPM Firmware Upgrades but if you got 1.2 instead of 2.0 then you may need to do a firmware update for your TPM device

How can i update TPM ON HP Computers ?

You can most probably update Te TPM Version of your hp laptop with the utility called,, hp TPM configuration utility, or maybe within Windows updates can do it for you also so Before doing anything just try updating your windows it may update the TPM also you can have look here from Microsoft official Post About Updating TPM – Now if this isn’t enough for you then you may need to Checkout This HP Official Post About TPM Update Here & Direct link for HP TPM Configuration Utility Is here – if your laptop or pc is listed in supported devices for TPM upgrade then just download and run this tool will automatically update the TPM of your HP device There is Also A List Of devices with specfic TPM update Firmwire Here Also check this out if you cant find your model – you can also check driver section from hp for latest security updates where you can get tpm firmwire under driver>security section –

Update HP TPM Firmware 1.2 to 2.0 using SCCM

Update HP TPM Firmware 1.2 to 2.0 using SCCM id bit technical but you can do it by doing following steps

Create an encrypted password file
  1. Open <filename>
  2. Enter password
  3. Save file
Place source files on a source

Place the source files on a share accessible by Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM)

Create a package in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM)

Select Create Package in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM) 

Create a package in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM)
Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Give the package a name and browse to the UNC path of the source files & Select Do not create a program

Complete the wizard –

Add step to update HP TPM firmware in the Task Sequence

we will run the TPM Upgrade steps in the Operating System Deployment Task Sequence. It is, however, possible to run an independent Task Sequence with these scripts.

To use the correct firmware, the TPM Configuration Utility will need to know the Manufacturer version of the TPM script.

With previous versions of the tool, you must either create a script to check the manufacturer’s version and apply the firmware file or create one Task Sequence step for each Manufacturer Version.

However, in the later versions of the HP TPM Configuration Utility, this can be done automatically, using a switch.

To upgrade TPM, you mayt need to disable virtualization, or more specifically, VT-X.

Configure the Update TPM to 2.0 step Options tab to only run with the following WMI query:

WMI Namespaceroot\cimv2\Security\MicrosoftTpm
WQL QuerySelect * from Win32_TPM Where SpecVersion Like “%1.2%”
Add a command-line step
Tpmconfig64.exe -s –a2.0 -ppassword.bin
Note: There should be no space between -p and the password file!

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