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how to fix audio sync vlc android

how to fix audio delay in vlc android

how to fix audio delay in vlc android video player which is vastly used by many android Users because Vlc Always provide best results for playing videos and audio no matter on which platform you are using Linux Android IOS Windows or even Mac VLC is Proven Champ in Video player List – The Most Powerful features of VLC player are Like it Supports Almost Evry Format of Video like HD UHD 4k Even Latest 8k AND HEVC Formats are natively supported by this Old trust worthy Video player which we love Vlc player got updated regulerly so thats why we got new options in interface and layout desgins Etc But from some updates, Vlc player got changed that looks smiler to the old player but thats not true many things got updated and many of us including me Were unble to find them untill I dig in more recently i was watching a movie on Android vlc player and I suddenly noticed the Audio Delay issue which is called Audio/Video Sync error where you can notice Audio is synced wrongly with playing Video to fix this vlc has builtin feuture called Audio Dely where you can adjust Audio delay according to your desire but from the last update vlc desgin got overhalled new experiance so this audio dely option is gone from main menu so this is a big isuue if you got your favortie movie playing & at the same time anoying Audio dely or sync issues pops-up we got your back and found the soultion just sit back and folow trust worthy ujmix guide how to fix audio dely in vlc android –

Fix Audio Dely latest Vlc Update

FIX audio sync with vlc android
Touch the screen while playing any video and Select Audio and Subtitles option from the lower-left corner
how to fix audio delay in vlc latest update
Now you will see The options like Showing Above Just tap on that mini Arrow that is circled
Vlc android audio delay fix
Now Voila Here You can see the Audio Delay Option once Again and play around with this to fix any Audio sync or Audio Delay within VLC Player In Android –

how to fix audio delay in vlc android

How to sync Audio with video in Vlc Android

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