Best Graphics Cards for Mining in 2021

Best Graphics Cards for Mining in 2021

Best Graphics Cards for Mining in 2021 For All Crypto lovers are here now you can easily select the best and cheap graphics cards for your GPU RIGS Because of the extraordinary Hype in the Crypto scene lots of people now getting involved in Crypto mining & bitcoin mining And making their way to Mining Crypto Currency in 2021 but as you know the selection of best and cheap graphics cards is the key to succeed in mining job there are lots of options out there in the market but we will represent and discuss only top 5 best graphics cards options in 2021 which you can select easily to get started we prepared this list very carefully to keep power consumption cost and overall price tags are keeping in mind so you will get the best value out of the box with these amazing mining graphics cards below is our list of top 5 best graphics for mining –

List of best graphics cards for mining

Nvidia GTX 3060TI

Nvidia 3060 is, of course, the big hit by Nvidia in gaming and mining terms it’s powerful enough to get started with your crypto mining at the home but Nvidia recently took a step forward for gamers to lock the Hashrate of the Nvidia 3060 series so as the result there was a huge decrease in ETH mining power and profitability for rtx3060 owners but the good news is you can unlock the hash of Nvidia via guide available at our website but more is that Nvidia just launched Ti series for Nvidia So you can now have better graphics cards for mining Nvidia 3060ti is enchanted version of Nvidia 3060 RTX series With better Hash rates now you can mine efficiently And the per day profit is Almost 5$ per card But before buying check LHR tag on the box because if you got the Graphic card of Nvidia RTX 30 series with LHR then there is hardware lock for Crypto Mining & currently no way to unlock the full potential of Lhr enabled graphics cards

Nvidia GTX 3080

Nvidia GTX 3080 is a proud member of the RTX NVidia 3000 series with the overall best results in terms of power and price tag between 3060 and 3090 you know a huge Price Gap so for that Nvidia came out with the 3080 series is better budget-friendly than 3090, of course, will save lots of money and you will get around $9 per day that’s a reasonable amount to be considered with a price tag of $699 it’s on number 2 in our list –

AMD Radeon XT 5700

xt5700 is also a not-so-old series of AMD-powered GPUs,s it’s very popular because of its low price tag and high-profit rates but remember you have to mod bios and overclock things to get work and this graphics card will make roundabout 4$ to 5$ according to market rates so Amd XT5700 is At No 3 spot for GPU miners –

AMD Radeon 5600XT

AMD Radeon 5600XT is Also the little brother of AMD 5700xt but can generate a handsome amount of money in terms of ROI like is of course cheaper than AMD 5700xt But Can Make around 3$ to $4 according to the price tag of mining coin market price – 5600XT was launched in January 2020 with a price tag of just $279 that makes this graphic card also very reasonable for miners –

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is a great graphic card for gaming and mining purposes & currently used by many miners for the last few years we put it at the 5 spots because it’s still no cheaper than you think because of great ROI but if you can make a cheap purchase on this particular RTX 2070 then it will be a great choice for your RIG So long as you can locate one at a decent price, you’ll be enjoying anywhere up to 40MH/s for the hash rate, which should bring in considerable passive income with a power draw of around 225W with these specifications this beast can make around 3 to 4$ with ease –

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