How to Report Hackers On PUBG Mobile

How to Properly report hacker pubg mobile

How To Properly Report cheaters in PUBG Mobile is big task for gamers now a days while playing pubg which got so viral now Because Cheaters & hackers are getting so much into pubg mobile which is incredibly famous online FPS Battle Royale Mobile Video game people are getting so much frustrating and even leaving the pubg because of cheaters and hackers influence in-game which damages the whole fair gameplay environment – pubg mobile team announced the ban and reporting cheaters system in-game where you can easily report hackers and cheaters within the in-game tool but unfortunately this system also not working well and most of the cheaters got away so for that we got a powerful new way to report hackers in pubg that will instantly impact & if you prove you were the real victim of cheater then there,s no way that pubg mobile security team will ban that cheater id from pubg we talk to discord pubg mobile security team to report hackers & they officially gave us the form that is really simple to fill up and that’s it The cheater got Ban in few mins just follow the setup given in the video and you ready to go – Things you need to get pubg cheater Ban – 1 – Cheater,s Pubg id 2- cheater,s Pubg numeric id number 3- Video evidence of cheater doing cheating in-game You can get these things easily by death reply so make sure you have death reply enabled in-game settings – Or if you already doing Game recording then That’s Fine Also Just Click the link below to report cheater and have fun – we are also giving a short video on this below make sure to check out –

PUBG Mobile Hacker / Cheater Report Form

How to report hackers in pubg mobile video

How to get banned pubg mobile hacker

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