How to Fix Video page indexing

How to Fix Video page indexing

How to fix Video page indexing issues on google search console yeah that’s the question that grabs the most webmaster’s attention these days people are getting weird emails from google search console to fix the videos on their websites or you can now have A check under video pages section that is located under index section in google search console. we will try to cover the video indexing issues in this Article by Google Search Console the official statement and more info can be Read here at Google Developers Blog

What is Video Indexing?

We got many core & major updates on google webmaster tools – search console also got revamped with a fresh updated look with clear reports + Lots of Enhancements like google news, discover Core web vitals & the latest addition is Video pages in the Search console where you can actually see how the videos on your webpages are performing are they properly got indexed or not if not then which error caused them to stop indexing? can also be seen there –

Video page indexing reports

Why Video pages are important?

well, video pages are all about how you use videos on your websites & how they are currently performing by google index. videos are much more relevant -dominant these days you than text or blogs people like video & visual content that can grab Users,s Attention much faster people love to see demos of what they are actually reading, for example, you are currently reading A nice Blog post on Earbuds Here you Also found a video on that specific topic yeah that, of course, take some response from you as a reader should check the video also to clear the post concept that’s how videos are engaging the Audience of your Content And now the latest Google Core update of search Console that includes the dedicated Video pages Section under the index section clearly shows the Google intent for Videos The future is Visual – A well-optimized Video on your webpage can engage more audience and help to index your mobile and desktop pages faster –

How to Fix Video page indexing

How to Fix Video page indexing if you got errors under the video pages section in the google search console well let me tell you are not alone there that’s the brand new update from google so lots of people are getting emails from google to fix their videos or you can also see the video pages indexing reports on your Google Search Console – as you can see in the picture below taken from Search Console Why videos in pages aren,t indexed

Fix Video indexing Google Search Console

How to fix could not determine the prominent video on the page
Video Page Indexing Errors

well as a webmaster I can say that if you got lots of video content on your web pages then you may get the errors like those shown below in the picture below

most common video pages errors

unsupported video format error fix

well if you got this error that means the video content you are currently using in your web pages is not officially supported by Google servers so make sure your video content is in proper format like mp4 or mkv in most cases –

Google could not determine the prominent video on the page error fix

if you see this kind of message saying Google could not determine the prominent video on the page that means the google video bot can’t find the proper H Tags with your Video on that specific webpage you can fix them easily by just putting an H2 tag on your video that’s it we also create a dedicated video on this error which is most common now

How to fix could not determine the prominent video on the page Error Video –

Video to large or small error fix

if you got this kind of error in video pages then you should check the length of your videos from your web pages Either they are too small or large in duration make them proper in length & relevant to match your content –

Video not proceed fix

If you got this error in video pages then don’t worry that’s the Google End issue whenever the smart bot crawls reaches your website they will see the content and decide whether to index or not your videos just leave them for a few days.

no thumbnail URL provided fix

This kind of error message can be seen if your video content is not hosted on youtube or google then google can’t see A thumbnail for your videos in that case you should use proper dedicated Thumbinals in your videos so google can re-index your video pages

The Remaining Errors related to your Video pages are almost the same as usual we discussed like unknown video format that can be fixed easily with a simple mp4 video format next invalid video format error that can be fixed by providing A Valid video format –

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