Nokia 3.4 Android 12 Update

Nokia 3.4 Android 12 Update

Nokia 3.4 Android 12 Update is out of beta and now rolling out to Pakistan and Indian markets this official android 12 update may be available for other countries and regions also but till now from Pakistan that’s confirmed Nokia 3.4 got the official android 12 update – that’s quite surprising and Good to see that Nokia taking software updates very seriously and pushing towards their mid-range mobiles also for emerging markets that’s for sure increase End user trust – you can also check official android 12 upgrade features here

Nokia 3.4 Update History

Nokia 3.4 was launched in October 2020 with Android 10 and was updated to Android 11 in February 2021. The smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor and has a 6.39-inch HD+ display.
Some of the new features in the Android 12 update include support for Google Assistant and other Google services, as well as a new user interface and an improved camera experience with Dark Mode, and enhanced tiles for android 12 closer to stock look that’s awesome –

How to update Nokia 3.4 to android 12

android 12 Nokia update
Android 12 update for Nokia 3.4

If you’re a Nokia 3.4 owner, you can check out our complete guide on updating your phone to the latest version of Android. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the best new features and changes that the update brings. So, without further ado, let’s get started! To update your phone, simply head to Settings > System > Software Update and check for the update. If it’s available, simply download and install it. We hope you enjoy all the new features Android 12 has to offer!

Nokia 3.4 Android 12 Details

Nokia 3.4 android 12 update details

Android 12 build number is V3.280 for Nokia 3.4. The update is About 1.72 GB in size with a security patch of 2022-06 that brings android 12 goodies to mid-ranger Nokia 3.4 bolder text improved camera -battery better privacy control over your mic & home screen new widgets for both home and lock screen and many more as you can see in pictures -video below –

nokia android 12 settings
Android 12 tiles in Nokia
nokia 3.4 android 12 video
Nokia 3.4 android 12 update video

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