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Setup Cloudinary With WordPress

Setup Cloudinary With WordPress

how to Configure Cloudinary With WordPress

Best Free Cloudinary Settings for wordpress

Best Free Image CDN For WordPress

Setup Cloudinary With WordPress can give your slow WordPress website a boost for free in case you don’t know or are familiar with IMAGE CDN Then this post is dedicated to you we gonna setup Cloudinary which is A free premium CDN that can auto-optimize and deliver faster image experience for your websites no matter you are using free or paid version Cloudinary Got you covered & you can do lots of optimizations with the free version of Cloudinary like lazy loading FREE Cloud storage for WordPress images & Limited Image transitions like resizing adding text And Enchamnents of images lets get to basics and we will discuss ordinary simple CDN Vs A dedicated Image CDN Below.


In SImple words, A image CDN is a dedicated Content Delivery Network that is designed to deliver faster and optimized images to END USERS At the Other End A simple CDN Like CLOUDFLARE BUNNY AMAZON Etc are an example of a complete universal CDN package that includes your website from Advanced DNS level to deliver faster content A simple CDN solution like Cloudflare bunny or Microsoft azure including many more can also be used as image CDN but most probably you won’t get image optimizations free on that CDN services and you should upgrade your free CDN to premium CDN packages if you want AIO CDN experiences like DNS management cache optimizations speed optimizations asset optimization and image optimizations but if you just want to stay at free plans then A dedicated free WordPress image CDN can do the job for you if you got a small WordPress website with decent traffic with optimized setup –

Best Free Image CDN For WordPress

There are many image CDN available optimole S3 and Cloudfront Uploadcare & Jetpack Photon but we will consider and setup Cloudinary as our pick because of flexibility and dedicated Plugin for WordPress which makes this image cdn almost perfect for WordPress websites both free and paid users can easily configure and use Cloudinary easily –

Cloudinary Optimized Setup For WordPress

How to set up Cloudinary on your WordPress website? that’s simple just the steps below.

  • Sign up for a Cloudinary Programmable Media account or log in to your existing account.
  • Install the Cloudinary WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugin directory
  • Complete the setup wizard, following the instructions to add your connection string and select your sync and optimization settings.
  • Your existing media will begin syncing with Cloudinary and your media URLs will be updated to enable optimized media and fast delivery via CDN
  • That’s it! Sit back and enjoy your improved site performance and greater user experience
Cloudinary Dashboard WordPress
  • Click On Image Settings & turn on Image optimizations
  • Set Image Format To Auto
  • Set Image Quality To Auto ECO As we are using free plan so this will save lots of bandwidth and Cloudinary Free Credits then Click Save Changes .
Cloudinary Optimized Image Settings for free plan

Cloudinary Best Lazy Loading Settings For WordPress

Now Click on lazy loading & configure them like below

  • Enable lazy loading
  • Pre-loader color & Lazy loading threshold Keep Them & default Just dont change anything there
  • turn off Pre-loader animation
  • Turn off Placeholder generation type
cloudinary best free lazy loading settings for WordPress

That’s it, for now, there are many other options like video optimizations asset optimization but they are most likely related to the paid version of Cloudinary and should increase usage of your limited free resources that cloudinary gives your every month & don’t forget to enable AUtomatic updates for culinary WordPress plugin you installed before –

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