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Google AMP With WordPress IN 2023

Google AMP With WordPress IN 2023

Google AMP With WordPress IN 2023 or upcoming years for WordPress cms is still not dead lots of debate is ongoing on Either you should use AMP on your website or not after google removed the historical GOOGLE AMP icon from search results and declares that amp pages won’t get benefits of the higher ranking after latest core web vital updates and google page speed insights updates

google amp search result icon

But wait AMP isn’t dead yet lots of websites still use AMP for their mobile visitors because of google amp speed google amp uses google dedicated CDN to deliver faster content from amp cache so usually, websites using amp will save lots of bandwidth from that Indirectly Google AMP is Mobile CDN with limits so if you are using cheap or shared web hosting with limited server resources then you should consider amp that will definitely reduce the server load and will make your website faster to fix core web vitals in 2023 and get higher or even 100/100 score in Google Page Speed insights updates for a shared hosting I will recommend to try AMP if you want to optimize your website with WordPress and using a shared host Google AMP With WordPress IN 2023 is must pick let’s get to best practices of Google AMP & Know you you can get optimized amp experience with WordPress by following the steps below :

Is Google AMP Dead?

Is google amp dead now after the latest core web vital updates and page speed insight updates from Google that removes AMP ICON from search results the answer to this is = NO because AMP CDNis still working and providing a free faster and mobile-optimized page speed experience for mobile users but if you got better page speed insights scores without AMP then you should not use AMP check your page speed insights from here Before implementing The AMP & after Implementing the AMP if you want to add amp then Google AMP With WordPress IN 2022 settings should help you get better speed –

How to install & Optimize AMP in WordPress

To enable google amp on your website properly you just need to install a plugin that is AMP that’s an official amp plugin click here to download Or you can also use Amp for wp which we recommend to use because of Best And easy to use user interface& getting best Google AMP With WordPress IN 2023 Experience with ease-

AMP For WP best Settings for WordPress

Google AMP With WordPress IN 2022
AMP For Wp Setup WordPress
  • After installing and activating AMP For Wp plug-in when you click on settings you will see the setup section from here you can have settings like where you actually want to enable AMP like posts pages etc website type and More settings –
  • Website Type Chose Blog
  • Where do you need AMP? Click and select Posts if you want everywhere then you may select more options available There
  • The Design And presentation section is where you can choose default themes for AMP if will go with the swift theme which is free to use in amp
  • Analytics Tracking put your Google analytics there
  • then privacy section where you can make a nice banner & chose your privacy page to compile with google and other advertisement companies Cookies banners will be configured from here
  • The advertisement section can help you put ads if you are using AdSense or another network to monetize your website
  • Now if you click on settings you should have a full list of options you just configure you can change or look at them how they work
Google AMP With WordPress IN 2023
  • From the list, select Advance settings Then turn on Mobile Redirection & from there also turn on tablets
  • Turn On server-side rendering this reduces the hosting server load
  • enable search result page in AMP
  • Featured Image from The Content turn this on
  • Show Featured Image if already preset in content Turn On
  • Click changes and have a look at your website
  • Congrats you just put Google AMP With WordPress IN 2023 best optimized for core web vital settings
  • But if you want to know the best online Certifications in 2023 then check here

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