Cloudflare vs ArvanCloud

cloudflare vs arvancloud

Cloudflare vs ArvanCloud is the debate that’s legit after the CDN market is now getting so much hype nowadays because of speed and security concerns every website owner is almost using a CDN network paid or free doesn’t matter but they really work in terms of speed and security where CDN networks are providing great support against hackers and spam attacks on websites by their dedicated services like bot fights spam detectors and firewall management almost every CDN is there with free SSL Support for websites so if you want to put SSL on your website the CDN can easily put your and sign SSL for you At the other end you guys know Speed matters & CDN networks are built to speed up web so you got many speed optimizations with CDN Networks like CSS, JAVA compressions & Image optimizations making CDN networks essential for webmasters –

Which Cdn Should we Use?

As you know cdn is a must-have for websites now we need to choose the best CDN for our websites we got many choices like Cloudflare ArvanCloud Akamai & StackPath its totally up to your needs how much traffic you have to handle and how much security and speed you want you can easily start a small project starter website with free Cloudflare or Arvan cloud plans they are the most popular free CDN providers out there many other also provides good and powerful CDN services like bunny Ali baba and Amazon Cloud but they are most likely paid and premium CDN services you should consider if you are Playing at very PRO and playing with high traffic volumes So our choices for free users should be Cloudflare and ArvanCloud straight Forward we will compare these two CDN giants below for better understand the CDN scales –


According To Their Wiki Cloudflare, Inc. is an American web infrastructure and website security company that provides content delivery network and DDoS mitigation services. Its services occur between a website’s visitor and the Cloudflare customer’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites –


According to the official Arvan cloud website Business networking company in Düsseldorf, Germany which is providing the services below

Cloud ServerScalable Cloud Virtual Machine (VPS)CDNFast and Secure Global Content DeliveryVideo PlatformLive and On-Demand Video Streaming PlatformObject StorageSecure and Unlimited Object StorageContainer ServiceBuild and Deploy Containers in the Clouds

Cloudflare VS ArvanCloud

Company Information ArvanCloudFounded: 2019 Germany Information CloudflareFounded: 2009United States
Arvan CloudCloudflare
Email/Help Desk


Knowledge Base

Phone Support

24/7 (Live Rep) available

Chat available

Email/Help Desk – Available


Knowledge Base – Available

Phone Support – Available

24/7 (Live Rep) -Available

Chat – Available

Arvancloud vs Cloudflare Support comparison
Markey shares Cloudflare vs arvan cloud

Cloudflare Arvan Cloud

SummaryFast, Global Content Delivery NetworkFast, Powerful, And Secure DNSLoad BalancingArgo Smart RoutingWeb OptimizationsLocal Storage CachingAutoMinifyRocket LoaderBrowser OptimizationServer PushSummaryFree Monthly PlanAdvance DDoS ProtectionFree Wildcard SSLRESTful APIsAnycast NetworkDNSSEC SupportKeyless SSL SupportAffordable Pricing as you grow
Final summary


Pricing & contract durationCloudflareArvanCloud
Minimum contract termNoneNone
Minimum monthly costs$0None
Requests costsNone$0.0014 per 10k requests
Ingress costsNone$0.037 – $0.05 per GB
NA/EU traffic (low volume)$0$0.037 per GB
APAC traffic (low volume)$0$0.05 per GB
LATAM traffic (low volume)$0Not applicable

Network comparison

North America465
Latin America380
Russia & CIS70
Asia excl. China376


The final conclusion is by testing and comparing both CDN networks we got to know that Cloudflare has a huge share in the CDN market and dominating now as a giant but on the other side Arvan Cloud is also providing very cool free features like Cloudflare in their free tier if you always want to stay at free tier then Cloudflare is the best and simple solution But if you want to be more optimistic and want to try more affordable cdn then Arvan is the choice for you depending on your niche and needs –

if you want to setup Cloudflare on WordPress in2023 have a look here

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