How To Download Facebook Reels

how to download facebook reels
how to download Facebook reels video guide

how to download Facebook reels from your Android ios or desktop devices like laptops & pcs as you know Facebook released reels as they do with Instagram & most probably to rival TikTok where people get almost the same experience as TikTok app filters edits and music features making reels more Rich User experience while using Facebook app reels will be there whenever you gonna scroll down to your Facebook feed and also there is the dedicated icon for Facebook reels now where you can only swipe to see viral reels and also make your reels so you just checking Facebook reels and suddenly you saw attractive reels which inspire you & you want to download that specific reel to your device now how to download Facebook reels? because reels are quite new in the content market & most of us are not familiar with them so which makes it quite frustrating for some people who just want to download viral reels from Facebook making it easier we gonna let you know how to download Facebook reels within a few clicks and without any third party app or software. which means you will be able to download reels without any app isn’t that cool enough hmm let’s start the job below -this article also covers how to download reels on iPhone & Android

How to download Facebook reels without an app

  1. Open the Facebook app on your device
  2. open the Facebook Reel you want to download. You can copy the video link of the video on your smartphone by tapping on the three at the bottom and tapping on the Copy link option remember share link will not work so copy the link from the 3 dot menu in reels or follow the posted video below.
  3. Now go to & simply paste the link in the URL box. Click on Download there you will be asked to select the desired Video quality like SD or HD save the reel in your device & chill –

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