How to Use Adsense Multiplex Ads

How to Use Adsense Multiplex Ads

How to Use Adsense Multiplex Ads in 2022 after the final release of Adsense’s latest AD Format which is a kind of Rebranding for Adsense Matched Content Ads that was previously used by Google Adsense for limited publishers but for this time Multiplex Ads was announced for Almost every publisher no matter you have a small or larger audience according to Google Multiplex ad is a brand-safe type of native ad format that serves multiple ads within an ad slot. This format is highly customizable you can change the layout and style to fit your website Theme.

Multiplex ads Vs Matched Content Ads

Many People got confused between matched content ads Vs multiplex ads format so let me clear this,, A matched content ad format was used by google AdSense for limited publishers formally the big publisher got hands-on matched content ads format where the recommended articles & posts were shown to reader to enhance the User Engagements but most of the time there were no ads shown in that matched content ads so At the END no huge benefit for publisher But in 2021 Google announced To replace matched content ads with multiplex ads and onwards now in 2022 we seen Many publishers are getting Multiplex ads format Enabled in their AdSense dashboards But the main difference we saw Multiplex ad format performer better than matched content ads & have cell format that gets filled by Ads bidders so you will get native ads running in that format that should increase Publishers Revenue stream for sure –

Why Google Introduce Multiplex Ads

why did google introduce multiplex ads? This question is raised now and the answer to this is simply straightforward & within the 2 main reasons we found that make google implement this ad unit format 1- The E-commerce Boom & The 2nd Reason behind multiplex ads to rival Advtersing Giants Like Outbrain Taboola And Revconntent That makes serious attraction for publishers from last few years with Creative way Ads Reccmendtions within Massive CTR & user engagements where the user got attracted and that in results increased CTR Back to to the First reason that we listed The E-commerce ERA so you saw the Ad format mostly used by E-Commerce store owners Are Like Multiplex ads and Recccomended Ads like tabbola or outbrain this clearly makes sense to implement this Creative way of Advertising Format that publisher and END user likes – How to Use Adsense Multiplex Ads & best practice for the multiplex ad unit will be discussed below –

Best Practices Adsense Multiplex Ads

How to Use Adsense Multiplex Ads
Best Practices for Adsense Multiplex Ads

Every ad format have own places where they perform better like if you put the large banner in the header that doesn’t make sense & will decrease user Engagement same goes for Google Adsense Multiplex Ads Units Google already told us where they perform better & why – In most cases You should Put Multiplex Ads At the End of the Post or even for Better results After The post Because the Multiplex Ad unit will split into Cells And if you put multiplex ad units at begging of the post or even in the middle of the article then that can make the user experience Bad the 2nd reason we think you should put these units at the end of the article is most of the times Multiplex Ad units most likely to show E-commerce related Ads So that’s the common sense no one wanna buy anything in the middle of reading an article or blog post So show then nice gentle multiplex ad unit at the end that will increase the engagement and should make sense – detailed Official Google Help Page About Multiplex Ads you may check here how to Use Adsense Multiplex Ads in 2022

How to Implement Adsense Multiplex Ads

implementing the google Adsense multiplex ad units is not that tricky and simply straightforward

How to create multiplex ad unit in Adsense
  1. Open the Dashboard Of Google Adsense
  2. Click the ads > overview > by ad unit
  3. Now click on Multiplex ad and create the AdSense multiplex ad unit as you need
Multiplex Ad unit Creation In Adsense

We Also Create A Short Video about Multiplex ad units have a look below & if you want to know about the next big WordPress update then a dedicated article is posted here Alsothis is How to Use Adsense Multiplex Ads


google multiplex ads in action video

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