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rtx 3050 mining

rtx 3050 mining

rtx 3050 mining breakout is hereafter Nvidia released the laptop series of budget-friendly GPU series which means that gamers should be happy finally Nvidia goes with gaming-friendly plus budget # pocket-friendly GPU Series This time Nvidia put the laptop series at first so we get the amazing deals on with some cheap MSRP at major laptop series like dell MSI gigabyte HP & Even Alienware Are the latest into Nvidia 3050 Series so the question raised soon after RTX 3050 laptop GPU release Can A Laptop with Nvidia RTX 3050 Can Mine Crypto? The Short and clear Anser is yes, in fact, you can mine on a cheap laptop that is equipped with Nvidia 3050 Graphics have a look at RTX 3050 mining profitability With laptops

rtx 3050 laptop mining

rtx 3050 mining
NVidia RTX 3050 & 3050ti mobile hash rates

nvidia 3050 laptop GPU,s benchmarks for mining are out now and according to sources they are quite low metteing low profile GPU price tags where nvidia almost achieve the goal of LHR Technolgy that can reduce mining power & making the nvidia GPU,s less mininers friendly same thing happens in RTX 3050 series & Hash rates of 3050 series is quite low but not so bad you can almost make 16$ to 30$ Per month with 75W (Max) @ 22.25 MH/s for mobile 3050 GPU – remember that nvidia also add The TI Serires of to RTX 3050 with slightly more power and enhancments as usual & RTX 3050 Ti Mobile Edition Gpu with same 75w max power Able to Genrate 25.6 MH/s Means Hash rate of rtx 3050ti is 25.6 MH/s much better – If you are newbie in mining scene and have some interest in mining business of crypto then you can definitely go with nvidia 3050 serires laptops to get things started like if you want to setup laptop mining rig in 2022 with rtx 3050 then have to go with bulk option not single rtx 3050 laptop mining over The night gonna makes you rich hope you got the point –

RTX 3050 desktop mining

rtx 3050 profitability
rtx 3050 desktop mining profitability

The rtx 3050 and 3050ti get desktop versions also & that’s quite new in fact they got released after Mobile variants of Nvidia 3050 series details of the PC version are GPU Memory Size: 8 GB Boost Clock Speed: 1777 MHz with base version and in oc version of RTX 3050 you will get Boost Clock Speed: 1792 MHz As you can see the main difference in mobile & desktop versions of rtx 3050 IS GPU memory expansion in rtx 3050 which is almost double in terms of laptop GPU where we get 4GB & 6GB in most cases but that won’t makes the huge difference the results are almost the same have a look at nice hash results.

nicehash rtx 3050
nicehash RTX 3050

According to some YouTubers around they got 0.6 and 1$ with 100w max power also remember the 3050 came with a hardcoded LHR limiter from Nvidia that makes hash rate less friendly & that’s from Nvidia bios some people talking about Nvidia LHR unlocker also but still yet no confirmation for working lhr remover for 3050 or 3050ti But meanwhile, you can try octopus mining or hive-os they got built-in LHR limiter fixer

rtx 3050 mining video

Conclusion of RTX 3050 mining

the Conclusion of RTX 3050 mining is this newly RTX 3050 graphics cards series is not for mining clearly Nvidia makes this chip for gamers making budget gaming easier with mobile laptop RTX 3050 and desktop 3050 3050ti series the intent is clear by Nvidia putting LHR at this 3050 series and currently there,s not any working Nvidia LHR unlocker available to download that can magically make this card profitable & miners friendly A GitHub page claiming to be Nvidia LHR Bios Remover is Currently Removed my GitHub for some security and malware reasons if you want decent gaming in budget then simply go for Nvidia RTX 3050 or 3050ti Series But if you want some mining profit in 2022 with Nvidia 3050 then simply avoid that card & look Our dedicated article for best graphics cards for mining in 2022 here if you want official details of RTX 3050 then Check here

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