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ring of Elysium intel fix

ring of elysium lag fix

Ring of Elysium is the brand new battle royal game from the makers of pubg Tencent games – and avaible in stream store as free to play till now – many of us installed the game and enjoy playing this new era of battle royal mode game Ring Of Elysium –

We all know the game is in almost the beta state – so lots of errors and glitches will be there but we are talking about the most annoying and most fixable bug which is related to Ring Of Elysium , FPS where lots of people talking and complaining about frame drops and low fps in ring of elysium gameplay – most of them have intel chipset with integrated Intel graphics like Intel HD 4000, intel HD 4200, Intel HD 4400, Intel HD 5000 series like Intel 520 and Intel 5500 there are also some issues with latest Intel graphics chips like Intel 620 where players are struggling to get playable frame rate for the ring of Elysium, so we gonna fix the fps and low frame rate,glitches for this amazing game – this guide will help you to
increase FPS in ring of elysium , and huge performance boost in ring of elysium ,just follow the guide below to get things to fix –

1- Download the optimized settings file Here

2 – Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ring of Elysium\UserData

And Replace CurrentSettings2 or CurrentSettings with the downloaded one –

3- restart the pc & Enjoy the Ring Of elysium lag free

Note: you can use this file on Nvidia & AMD graphic cards also to fix ring of Elysium lag on these vendors -if you want some latest whatsapp groups join here

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