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amd 2600 pro-Windows 10 for iMac

ati 2600 pro driver for windows 10

Ati HD 2600 pro is the graphics card that was shipped with many iMacs and computers since 2008 – they were low-end graphic cards with dedicated memory of 256 MB to 512 MB depending on your system configurations. till there was Windows 7 the graphics card was working absolutely fine but after the arrival of Windows 10 bunch of problems came out while no support from AMD,ati and also apple Bootcamp users were unable to figure out how to fix these certain errors where ati 2600 pro not working in windows 10 or if you get it auto installed by windows update or by default windows drivers it shows wrong graphics card -like if your machine is shipped with ati HD 2600 pro it will most probably show Ati 2600 xt which is the lower version of ati 2600 series with some low specifications – you will also encounter some major graphics related problems in Windows 10 with that wrong driver provided by windows because windows 10 shows amd 2600 pro as ati 2600 xt so in this article we gonna fix this annoying bug by custom ati 2600 pro driver which will work under iMac 2008 -2012 or any other computer which has ati hd 2600 pro but showing wrong graphics card info in device manager as ati 2600 XT

before starting you have to uninstall any previous version of ati drivers installed on your system and after that just enter these commands below

  1. Run the command prompt as administrator and type the following two commands :bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
  2. bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON
  3. Restart computer
  4. Download the driver from the link extract the zip file and
    Update the driver manually in Device Properties by selecting Have a disk option and then selecting ati HD 2600 pro   –
  5. after that run the universal watermark disabler which is provided in the zip file you just downloaded
  6. That’s it your Ati 2600 custom driver will work as expected now Enjoy

Note: If Your Ati 2600 pro still not working then you have to follow the guide From This link

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