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pubg mobile gfx tool android 11

GFX Tool For Android 11

GFX Tool for PUBG & Freefire Android 11

GFX Tool for PUBG Android 11 Support

Android 11 Gfx Tool Download

How to use Gfx tool on android 11
Latest gfx tool download link

GFX Tool For Android 11 is released where which supports Android 11. previously released versions of gfx tools were not compatible with the latest version of Android 11 so lots of people were unable to utilize that amazing tool for pubgmobile and free fire and we know lots of mobiles are now updated to the latest android version which is 11 so its a big miss but now we got the right tool for you which is not only fully supported android 11 gfx tool functions but this gfx tool also supports PUBG Mobile Along With FreeFire so you can actually optimize and unlock the FPS and Graphics restrictions on both mobile games

GFX tool android 11 features

[Game Tool]
Advanced game map
Custom crosshair

[Game booster]
boosting game with a special function reduces lag when play the game, cleaning ram, boosting ram

[Nickname generator]
create a beautiful nickname with fancy text and an icon

• Change resolution
• Unlock HDR graphics and all FPS levels
• Fully control Anti-aliasing and shadows
• Style: Change Graphic Style
• Support All Devices
• Shadow Distance: Select shadow distance level.
• Moving Shadows: Enable or Disable shadows of players and cars.
• GPU Optimization: Custom OpenGL
• Light Effect: Enable and Disable
• Graphic Rendering: Change Quality Graphic
• Sound Quality: Enable to fix low volume issues.
• And many more other useful options

Download Link GFX tool Android 11

you can directly download the latest gfx tool from this link

Android 11 gfx tool video

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  1. […] Gfx tool is working for low-end and high-end gaming devices to modify their gaming performance and graphics from the last few years that can be used with almost every famous battle royal FPS mobile game like PUBG Mobile Pubg new state Call Of Duty Mobile Etc whenever you install a brand new mobile fps game like pubg mobile your gaming experience is directly linked to your device specifications like if you got high-end mobile device your gaming experience should be better instead of low-end gaming device & you will get better fps results and more options to customize the game but for Low-End gaming devices There is a tool called gfx tool which goes beyond the limits and Unlocks the default graphics option to Full graphics options where you can change more settings for your games like pubg mobile call of duty etc gfx tool for android 11 is already available and we have a dedicated post on that here check out. […]

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