How to Use Taurine Jailbreak

TAURINE jailbreak download

How to Use Taurine Jailbreak is recently asked very common question by iPhone and IOS users because after releasing UnC0ver Jailbreak Now we have The Taurine Jailbreak Available for download means we can now jailbreak Our Devices Using Taurine now we will talk about which devices and firmware versions are compatible with Taurine –

Taurine Jailbreak Compatible Devices

  1. iPhone 6s
  2. iPhone 6s Plus
  3. iPhone 7
  4. iPhone 7 Plus
  5. iPhone SE (2016)
  6. iPhone SE (2020)
  7. iPhone 8
  8. iPhone 8 Plus
  9. iPhone X
  10. iPhone XR
  11. iPhone XS
  12. iPhone XS Max
  13. iPhone 11 Pro
  14. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  15. iPhone 11
  16. iPhone 12 mini
  17. iPhone 12
  18. iPhone 12 Pro
  19. iPhone 12 Pro Max
  20. 2020 iPad Pro
  21. 2018 iPad Pro
  22. 2017 iPad Pro
  23. iPad Air 4
  24. iPad Air 3
  25. iPad Air 2
  26. iPad mini 5
  27. iPad mini 4
  28. 5th/6th/7th gen iPad/8th Gen

How to Use Taurine Jailbreak

  • Delete any iOS OTA update file from Settings -> Storage and reboot your device before jailbreak
  • Taurine jailbreak uses Sileo as its default package manager Instead of Cydia
  • Download AltServer from here on your PC and open it connect your iPhone to your PC over USB. AltServer is available for both Mac and Windows. You have to install the Mail plugin For setting up AltStore
  • Click on the AltServer icon from your pc or mac menu bar, select Install AltStore, and then select your Device
  • The AltStore icon should now show up on the home screen of your iPhone. After that, go to Settings -> General -> Device Management, tap on your Apple ID, and trust
  • Let Your Device connected to your PC, use Safari and navigate to the Taurine website. Scroll down and select the Install via AltStore option. Confirm your selection in the pop-up by tapping the Open button
  • Go back to your iPhone’s home screen, launch Taurine, tap the Jailbreak button, and wait for the app to do its job

TAURINE Vs Other Jailbreaks

  • Taurine is a fast, supercharged experience, using libhooker and extensive testing to ensure the best possible jailbreaking experience
  • Taurine will be open-sourced (with some exceptions) in the future, allowing others to learn from and build upon it, the way a jailbreak should mean we will see lots of new features Soon like faster updates

Power users welcome.

Taurine comes with the open-source bootstrap, designed from the ground up with community contributions and compatibility in mind, and brings desktop-class functionality to your device with powerful packages –

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