How to download & Install Windows 10X

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How to download & install Windows 10X is commonly asked for the last few days because of an online leak of windows10x which is smaller and a true chrome OS rival because of its sleek and slim UI and size its getting the attention of chrome os users and many web users who just like a faster Operating system instead of heavy and bulky OS – so right now we have the option and we can download and test or run this beautiful Windows10x version which is, of course, the latest build of windows10x – and the download size is almost 2GB only let’s get straight to the point things we need are below –

  • Enable Hyper-V or virtualization in your bios for that open your laptop or pc bios and enable this according to your system like the image shown below
How to Enable Hyper-V in bios
  • Now reboot your pc into windows 10 and enable HYPER-V in windows for that in search type Hyper-V and you will see turn windows features on or off click on that and then select Hyper-V from the list below and check that click ok this will take some time and after that your pc will reboot
How to enable Hyper-V in windows 10

Now after a restart head over to windows search again and type hyper-v again this time you will see the hyper-v manager App instead of windows features – open hyper-v it will look like the image below

Download LINK Windows 10x latest build

Now we need to download windows10x latest build from Here

After downloading just extract the zip file and you will get the VHDX file of windows 10x save that file to your desired folder or desktop

Windows10x Latest vhdx

Now, open Hyper-V and click on “New” and select “Virtual Machine” from the top-right pane After that, give a name to the virtual machine like windows10x

Next, choose “Generation 2” and hit “Next After that, allot RAM to the Windows 10X virtual machine. I would recommend you to allot 3GB (3072MB) or more for better performance

On the next page, choose “Default Switch” from the drop-down menu and hit “Next

Then click on “Use an existing virtual hard disk”  and select the “Flash.vhdx” file by clicking on the “Browse” button

virtual machine windows10x

Click next and finish –

Now, we will use this virtual machine for windows 10x –

Right-click on the virtual machine and choose “Connect After that, click on “Start” and Hyper-V will start the Windows 10X virtual machine directly from the VHDX file. On the first run, it will take some time –

You Will see the Boot Logo finally

windows10x boot animation

Now, go through all the on-screen instructions and login with your Microsoft account. You can also create a PIN during the setup And Enjoy the brand new version of windows10x –

Note – If you got stuck on black screen of loading for 30 mins or more and if you are using AMD graphics then simply disable AMD GRAPHICS in device manager to get windows10x work –

Windows 10x Video

how to install windows 10x video

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