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How to Download macOS Big Sur

How to Download macOS Big Sur

How to Download macOS Big Sur with a direct link or from apple AppStore when you want to update or want to create and fresh installer for macOS bigsur you will probably be in search of how to download macOS big sur you are at the right place we will let you know how you can easily download macOS bigsur with direct download links for macOS bigsur or from apple,s AppStore for free remember that if you chose AppStore to download macOS bigsur then automatically there will be the latest version of macOS bigsur that will get downloaded but if you want a specific version of bigsur then chose direct installers with their specific versions all links are official and from apple servers no mirror or third party downloads are created. this is How to Download macOS Big Sur –

The macOS Big Sur Appstore link is here you will be able to directly download bigsur from AppStore just click on the following link from your MacBook or Mac you will be redirected to the apple AppStore macOS bigsur download page. Click here for the macOS bigsur AppStore link . this is How to Download macOS Big Sur from AppStore

If you want direct links to download macOS big sur for making installers or manually update your macs then just follow the links below to download the specific bigsur version you want. this is how to Download macOS Big Sur from direct links

● macOS Big Sur 11.5.2
● macOS Big Sur 11.6
● macOS Big Sur 11.6.1
● macOS Big Sur 11.7.2

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