How to Download Windows 11 (Leaked Build)

Windows 11 download links

How to Download Windows 11 (Leaked Build) This Question is rising just before the latest News Going viral from Microsoft Officials That indicates Now There will be A fresh New Windows That Will be called Windows 11 Microsoft Officials COnfirms the Event schedule and hints the launch of new windows but just before the official launch of windows 11 the Leak Version of windows 11 just came out from nowhere this leaked build is insider preview of windows 11 & now official off course The Iso file is about 4.5GB Of size and you can directly run the setup to upgrade your current windows 10 with keeping your files, drivers and software Safe As you can also do a clean install just by flashing the Downloaded ISO file of windows 11 like windows 10 The better option of course –

Reasons To install Windows 11 Right Now

There Are a few Reasons that can make you install a leaked version of windows 11 before it goes official and live

  • Try Before Others And get your hands on a brand-new Windows version
  • Install the leaked version of Windows 11 will get you to know about the Drivers & Software compatibility of your Pc so you can make things Ready Before the official launch
  • Hands-on experience With the latest Microsoft Power Toys & windows Features
  • Makes You decide Either you Should Upgrade to Windows 11 or stick to Windows 10 Yet –

Reasons Not To Install Windows 11 Right Now

There Are also Pros And cons With Every New technology So We will let you know about a few things you should consider before upgrading to Windows 11 Right Now –

  • As You know its not official yet & a leaked build of Windows 11 can have bugs so avoiding and waiting for an official release is recommended
  • The leaked Version of Windows 11 will have less support for drivers so your hardware can malfunction wait for better driver updates is always worthy
  • Less Security is the major thing you can consider because it’s very New and can lead to the Latest Windows 11 exploits so your pc can be exposed to viruses or malware waiting for a better and solid official update is recommended for windows 10 users
  • Auto Update is expected for all current Windows 10 users so A hassle-free Environment is Always A Good option To start with the latest windows update that will automatically make your current drivers and software compatible with windows 11

You Can Download The Latest Leaked Iso Build Of windows 11 From The Links Below

How to Install Windows 11

The following download links are direct ISO files. You can create installable USB flash drives and install it onto any PC which is Supported By Windows 10

  1. Run Rufus
  2. Ensure your pen drive is shown under the Device tab in Rufus
  3. Select the ISO file from your download location
  4. Press Start

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