how to increase EFI Partition in Mac

how to increase EFI Partition Mac os

how to increase EFI Partition in Mac is a commonly asked question from tech geeks because by default MAC OS will give you 200MB of EFI partition and windows will give you 100MB EFI partition size which is really low for some dual boot or Hackintosh systems where we need bigger partitions to put bootloaders and kext files etc so for that we need working mac or Hackintosh system and software which is called hard disk manager from paragon don’t worry it paid but the trial version will do the work for almost 14 days so you can do it easily –

increase EFI Partition in Hackintosh

  • IST go and download the paragon hard disk manager for mac from here
  • Disable SIP IN mac or your Hackintosh you can google it according to your mac os build
  • After getting the dmg installer just install the software and gives all the required permissions from your security or privacy in mac os
  • Now after getting the software installed successfully just open the paragon hard disk manager and right-click on the EFI partition and copy the partition and save the EFI files to your desktop or you can use clover or open core configurator to mount the EFI partition of your mac just copy the everything inside your EFI and paste it to any folder in your desktop
  • Now you should have some unallocated space on your hard disk or SSD to increase the actual size of efi you can do it with harddisk manager or disk utilities in mac
  • Now just delete the EFI partition by selecting that and now make a new partition remember that should be a maximum of 950MB not more than so that will support the EFI system create a new partition with the fat32 file system name that EFI and click on the setting icon of that partition change gpt type and select EFI System partition click and apply the changes and reboot that’s it you should have almost a Gb EFI partition so you can easily put latest kext files drivers etc to that -IF you are not comfortable with our web guide then you can watch our video tutorial that will show you how to do that below –
how to increase EFI in Hackintosh
how to increase EFI Partition Mac – video

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