How to React on WhatsApp Messages

How to React on WhatsApp Messages

How to React on WhatsApp Messages after the latest WhatsApp update? This thing came to mind after we saw a tweet from Mark Zuckerberg where he claimed soon you should be able to React to WhatsApp messages with Emojis with WhatsApp updates that will roll out in many phases like if you are reading this article and cant figure out how to react on WhatsApp messages with emojis then don’t you worry that’s normal you will get the WhatsApp emoji update soon keep updating your Whatsapp either you are using android or ios

whatsapp emoji updates
Whatsapp updates 2022

How to React on WhatsApp Messages With Emoji

You can easily react to any Whatsapp individual or group message if you got the latest Whatsapp version that is updated with WhatsApp reaction emoji updates for 2022 just like telegram or Facebook posts you can now react to every single message on Whatsapp steps are simple but there is an important Note from Whatsapp official website about this amazing Whatsapp message emoji update.

  • You can only add one reaction per message
  • Reactions to disappearing messages will disappear when the message disappears.
  • It’s not possible to hide reactions or reaction counts
  • Recipients might see your reaction before you remove it or if removing it wasn’t successful. You won’t be notified if removing a reaction wasn’t successful

Adding emoji reaction to Whatsapp message

  • Long press on a message you want to react
  • Tap to select one of the displayed emojis that’s it
whatsapp message reaction update 2022
WhatsApp emoji reactions 2022

How to Change Whatsapp reaction

You can easily change whatsapp emoji reactions

  • Long press on a message you reacted to
  • Tap a different emoji you want
How to Remove Whatsapp reaction

like change or add you can also remove the emoji reactions

  • Long press on the message you reacted to or tap the reaction.
  • Tap the emoji you reacted with to remove it
Conclusion of WhatsApp message reactions

well we just let you know how you can react to WhatsApp chats and change or remove them also that’s a quite an encouraging update for WhatsApp users around the globe just like Telegram and Facebook where we can react to messages or comments also The Whatsapp reaction emoji update is packed with cool stuff & we will see some more emojis in future also announced by WhatsApp officials if you still can’t use Whatsapp message reactions or figuring out how to get whatsapp message reaction update then simply check for the latest whatsapp update from the play store or if you are using the IOS Device then check Appstore for Whatsapp updates make sure you are at the latest version of Whatsapp to use this emoji reaction feature if you can’t see the emoji update for whastapp then wait few days the update should be rolled out for your region soon don’t go for any unofficial whatsapp versions that will create mess and security issues for sure if you want to learn more about this update by official whatsap website then check here

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