Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings

Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings

Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings are now trending worldwide just after the awe-inspiring launch of the Apex Legends Mobile version that just got released for so many regions and countries worldwide mobile gamers are so excited about the mobile version of apex legends because the PC version is already imposing and successful in recent past we see many big names launching their mobile versions like PUBG AND COD got very successful in fact pubg mobile got trending worldwide gamers were hoping to see Apex Legends mobile from a long time but finally the dream come true and the APex launched their mobile version for both IOS and Android we have seen a surprisingly huge amount of downloads just after the launch of both platforms means people are getting involved & the EA MOBILE would be happy for that successful apex legends mobile launch if you already Enrolled in PRE registered Apex mobile launched then while reading this article about apex legends mobile hope so you got it at your device & looking for best settings for apex legends mobile that can makes you more comfortable and PRO in very early stages of apex mobile where competition is low you can easily Grow your apex legends mobile profile for sure session 1 where Battele Pass is there you can buy to boost & impress other apex mobile players . after downloading & installing Apex legends Mobile now gamers are looking for the best-optimized settings for their devices Apex Mobile offers really cool customizable settings for graphics audio fps & sensitivity you can also adjust controllers with apex legends mobile we will help you to optimize & configure Apex Mobile for getting best experience in-game that should boost APEX Legends Mobile Fps and gaming skills without Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings this thing isn’t possible so let’s get to best settings for APex Mobile.

Best Apex Legends Mobile Settings – Gameplay & Basic

In the first section you will see just after clicking the settings button in apex mobile The Basic Settings we will help you configure With The Lite Setup lets go.

Gameplay & Basic settings for apex Legends Mobile


  • Auto Firing That should be off if you want an optimized shooting experience because if you got this ON then the auto fire will be Enabled & your legend will auto-fire while aiming that’s not cool like every single time infinite shooting sound That can trigger nearby enemies. Important step forward for Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings
  • LEFT FIRE BUTTON It’s totally up to your gaming style if you are a 3 or 4-finger player then turn this on otherwise turn this off or leave it ON with ADS.
  • One-Tap ADS and Fire – that should off
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Mode – tap to fire
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode – Tap to fire
  • ADS Mode – Mixed

Apex Legends Mobile Best Gameplay Settings

  • Joystick triggers Auto-Run – On
  • Crouching Controls – Tap
  • Slide Jump Control – Classic
  • Use the Crouch Button to rotate the camera – On
  • Use the jump button to rotate the camera – On
  • Climbing Control Mode – Classic
  • Climbing Prompt – on
  • Zipline Button Settings – Display
  • Riding on Zipline modes – Single Tap
  • Vertical Zipline Interact Button – On
  • Vertical Zipline Direction Tips – On
  • Auto-Turn on Vertical Ziplines – Off
  • Assisted Zipline Floor Landing – Off

Best Apex Legends items Settings

  • Smart Health Item Recommendation – On
  • Toggle to use health items – on
  • Continuously use health items – off
  • Continuously use Shield Battery – off
  • Attachment Backpack – Leave it Default

Best Apex Legends Mobile Pickup Settings

  • Taking damage automatically closes the death box – off
  • switch item mode – tap
  • hold to toggle interval – short
  • Auto pick – ON
  • Auto pickup interval – short
  • when the picking up list is closed stop auto pick up – ON
  • Auto pick up consumables – Leave this section default or you can change up to your Usage –

Best Apex Legends Mobile Ping Settings

  • Auto Ping Enemies – ON – your friends will be notified when there is an enemy nearby
  • Auto Ping Items – On
  • Double Tap the Screen to Ping-off
  • Enable Quick Ping Wheel – ON
Best Apex Legends Mobile Battlefield INFO Settings video
Best Apex Legends Mobile Battlefield INFO Settings
apex legends mobile battlefield info settings
  • MINI Radar Alert – ON
  • Crosshair Radar Alert – ON
  • Show Legends Avatar when aiming at a target – ON
  • Low Ammo Notification – ON
  • Damage numbers display mode – BOTH
  • Battle INFO – Follow Crosshair
  • Select damage crosshair & Incoming damage feedback according to your choices or leave it to default –

Apex Legends Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings

To get the best sensitivity That’s up to your gaming style & device config but we will help you get better overall sensitivity settings for apex mobile Don’t touch the basic section of sensitivity let’s Customize the Aim And Fire.

Linked Sensitivity Adjustment – Off

  • FPS without ADS
    • Aiming – 180%
    • Shooting – 70%
  • TPP without ADS
    • Aiming – 188%
    • Shooting – 70%
  • Iron Sights 1x Optic ADS
    • Aiming – 50%
    • Shooting – 50%
  • 2x Optic ADS
    • Aiming – 40%
    • Shooting 40%
  • 3x Optic ADS
    • Aiming – 26%
    • Shooting – 26%
  • 4x Optic ADS
    • Aiming 20%
    • Shooting – 20%
  • 6x Optic ADS
    • Aiming 18%
    • Shooting – 18%
  • 8x Optic ADS
    • Aiming – 18%
    • Shooting – 18%
  • 10x optics ADS

Aiming – 17%
Shooting – 17%

Apex Legends Mobile Best Gyroscope Settings

if you are a gyro player like me then you can also adjust the best gyro settings for apex legends mobile Best Settings

  • Gyroscope Mode – Always ON
  • invert horizontal control – off
  • invert vertical control-off
  • gyroscope overall sensitivity scale – 120 %
  • gyroscope vertical sensitivity scale – 120 %

Apex Legends Mobile Best Graphics Settings

The graphics settings are the most critical part of any gaming environment that directly affects the gaming success and peace of mind of any gamer Because The Apex Legends is an FPS competitive shooting game so FPS Frame rates will be the key to success so we will focus on optimizing the frame rates instead of picture quality lets go –

Apex Legends Mobile best graphics settings
Apex Mobile best graphics settings
  • Graphics Quality – Normal Or smooth
  • Frame rates – Very High or Ultra
  • Adaptive Smoothing – Off
  • Display FPS – ON
  • FPPFOV – 100%
  • TPPFOV – 100%
  • Graphics Style – Classic
  • Non-stranded Screen UI adjustment – keep this default according to your device screen
  • Dynamic shadows – OFF
  • Now Camera & audio section is totally up to your choices

Apex Legends mobile Best Settings – Video

Video guide for apex mobile settings

Conclusion of apex mobile settings

Well the apex mobile version is rapidly growing mobile game right now over 70m downloads after the launch of apex legends mobile that is not yet launched in many regions & many High end devices are till now showing not compatible like ASUS ROG series One plus flagships and latest Samsung flagship devices but still people are getting so excited & playing this amazing FPS on mobile which will make apex mobile definitely a healthy competitor for COD MOBILE & PUBG Mobile you should get your hands on apex legends ASAP before people rushed in & competition get higher The settings Above Should ranked higher as soon as possible we will see many new updates from EA for Apex Mobile like new settings so we will publish them for you as we got them meanwhile if you are interested to play taken on mobile then you should check our dedicated article here that’s fun also – Faq section for Apex Legends Mobile can be seen here By EA Gaming – you can download Apex legends Mobile for Android Here & For IOS devices Here – That’s It For Now for Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings –

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