Lenovo Flex Hackintosh

Lenovo Flex Hackintosh
Lenovo flex 5 Hackintosh

Lenovo Flex Hackintosh Guide for Flex 14 and 15 are well-known laptops used by the vast majority of people out there according to Lenovo’s statement An IdeaPad Flex gives you different ways to get things done, anywhere. As a regular laptop to boost your productivity. In stand mode for touchscreen interaction. In tent mode for games and entertainment. And as a tablet for when you’re out and need to be productive flex series is mostly available in 15 and 14-inch screen sizes & with different processors like AMD -Intel chose this post is dedicated to Lenovo flex,s Hackintosh projects Because lots of people have this laptop series but they also want MacBooks and can’t afford a 2nd laptop which can be costly enough so the simple solution to this you can actually enjoy mac os on your Lenovo laptops with Hackintosh implement just need proper config and installation.

Install macOS On the Lenovo Flex guide

there are many guides available on the web for this purpose but we will only list the best and working projects for Lenovo Hackintosh projects where you can find the answer to that common question How to install macOS on Lenovo flex laptops series no matter whether you have 14 or 15-inch laptop things should work just fine

EFI For Lenovo Flex

we will use the open core for Hackintosh, not clover or any other software you will need a USB drive & the Image file of macOS you want to install on your Lenovo laptop let’s get started for Lenovo Flex Hackintosh –

Make Hackintosh installer on windows – mac

  • Go to this link And download your desired macOS image
  • Download the image flashing tool from here
  • Connect at least 16GB USB flash drive to your laptop and flash the downloaded vanilla macOS raw file with balena etcher software you downloaded for your current OS –
  • after finishing the flashing process now we need a working efi folder for our Lenovo flex that can detect the hardware like wifi – GPU sound Eg..
  • Grab The EFI Folder from This GitHub Repo
  • Now mount the EFI of the USB bootable drive with OCAuxiliaryTools or any tool you like
How to mount EFI
Mount EFI with OCAuxiliaryTools
EFI Mount with OCAuxiliaryTools
  • Replace the EFI folder you download with the existing one restart your laptop and install the macOS on the Lenovo flex series –

Bios/UEFI Configuration for Lenovo flex Hackintosh

-Sata = AHCI mode

-Secure Boot = Disable if need

-CSM = Disable with AMD cards

-If you have only IGPU use -igfxvesa bootarg

If you want to adjust your laptop Hackintosh webcam settings after installation then you can have a look here

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