How to install Cutefish Desktop on Ubuntu

How to install Cutefish Desktop on Ubuntu

How to install Cutefish Desktop on Ubuntu

Cute Fish OS

how to install cute fish os on the ubuntu server? this question is now asked widely after the CuteFish OS latest release which got a better response from the Linux community worldwide . as per the OS name that’s really a cute OS that is similar to macOS looks that’s gonna attract GNOME Users the best thing about cutefish os is the price that’s free yes you can download and try cutefishos from their official website here


if we talk a quick look at cute fish’s features then according to the official website statement they ve done impressive work of course CutefishOS is a combination of Canonical and the Ubuntu base system built by Ubuntu’s strong community, and a beautiful desktop environment in the Linux world, the Cutefish desktop environment. With Ubuntu’s stable kernel and better support for graphics drivers, CutefishOS Ubuntu could be your next favorite Linux operating system


if we Talking about the UI, it has a modern and efficient user interface for a great user experience. It has a modern dock that gives users a convenient place to access apps and more features -infact the os UI is attraciting more people towards cutefish os distro -
CutefishOS gets and runs software packages from the Ubuntu repository. As we know Ubuntu repository mirrors are spread all over the world. So update quickly, easily and stably. The CutefishOS team ensures that CDE packages from the upstream (Linux Cutefish Repository) also distribute the latest CDE via OTA (over-the-air) updates. thats much info about os now we will let you know how you can install cutefish os in ubuntu -

How to install cute fish on ubuntu server

well, you can install cutefish directly by simple USB flash driveway from their download page, or if you have a CLI environment & Linux server with ubuntu then follow the commands below –

  • Open a terminal and first add the repository signature key
  • wget -nc
sudo -H gpg -o /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/cutefishos.gpg --dearmor cutefishos.gpg.key
add official repo by -  sudo add-apt-repository "deb bullseye main"

Update the list of packages, and install the Cutefish desktop

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cutefish

After successful installation, restart your computer, and on the login screen, select “Cutefish Desktop”

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