How to setup Cloudflare Crawler Hints

How to setup Cloudflare Crawler Hints

How to setup Cloudflare Crawler Hints properly with your website Cloudflare is always there to help website owners to rescue and speed up their web projects but this time they go beyond and directly calibrate with search engines to make better internet by engaging WEB crawlers this is important because in simple words 60 to 80% web crawlers traffic is useless for websites and search engines so at the both ends wastage of resources and internet so directly Cloudflare is now helping to make internet greener and energy-efficient more details about crawler hints below –

Will Cloudflare Crawler Hints affect page ranks?

lots of people asking after using Cloudflare Crawler Hints if there will be a page rank or less traffic issue the answer is NO – its absolutely safe algorithm defined by Cloudflare that just simply filters out bad bots and work for good bots always whenever your site needs them to crawl like if there is no content update on any specific page and crawlers and constantly ping that webpage that’s not cool for both ends makes sense so whenever there will be an update on content then Cloudflare Crawler Hints will come in place and let the major search engines to start the crawling that’s it more on Cloudflare Crawler Hints talk was ongoing at this great topic below –

Enable Crawler Hints for my website

  1. Sign in to your Cloudflare Account.
  2. In the dashboard, navigate to the Cache tab.
  3. Click on the Configuration section.
  4. Locate the Crawler Hints sign-up card and enable
How to setup Cloudflare Crawler Hints

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