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How to format USB Drive With Xiaomi

How to format USB Drive With Xiaomi

How to format USB Drive With Xiaomi & latest Android devices like poco f3 mi and redmi phones this method we gonna let you know may also work well with the latest Android devices you can also use this to re-format a corrupted USB thumb drive sometimes USB flash drives got unusable by many reasons like wrongly or unformat state & A strange file system can also make your USB thumb drive unstable and almost unusable For example if you gonna use your USB drive with android phone and that drive is the format with APFS (apple file system) or formatted by iso tools like for burying Linux images and iso files then you won’t get it to work so for that you need to format the drive, in that case, most android phones will show up the notification that the drive you are trying to use is corrupt or unusable simply tap on that notification and that will lead you to the format process of that specific drive. But if you got no notification about a bad USB drive or you just want to get rid of malfunctioning or want to fix slow-speed USB flash drives with an Android phone and get rid of useless files by formatting the drive then this can be done very easily in Xiaomi,poco,redmi and almost every latest android phone just follow the guide below to get things Right –

Repair USB Flash Drive on Android

  • Tap the settings icon and then click on the phone
format USB flash drive with Poco F3
  • Now Tap Storage and then scroll down down
  • Now you will see the option Format USB Device
  • tap that format USB option now your Xiaomi device will start formatting the USB device
  • Format speed depends on the speed of your USB flash drive that’s it for now –
  • Note – How to format USB flash with Xiaomi Poco f3 Video posted below to check out for the detailed visual guide
format USB Xiaomi devices

How to format USB Drives on Xiaomi phones

How to format & repair USB flash drive poco f3

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