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internet download manager for mac

idm for mac os

IDM MAC Download

internet download manager mac

Best Download manager for mac

internet download manager for mac is a common problem for mac user or the users recently shifted to mac os because in windows you can easily download idm or internet download manager which can easily boost your downloading speed with resume support but wait what about mac user like there,s no official Internet download manager available like in windows that supports large file downloading with speed and resume, so for that we are here to solve this problem and the good thing is it’s free of cost software which will give you the same experience like you you have in windows pc this will download files directly from chrome and firefox browsers for mac with full speed and bandwidth you have also with resume support –

Its Called neat download manager a very tiny and simple neat GUI based mac downloader which will give you almost the experience like you got in IDM for windows but free –

How To Install IDM In Mac

its really simple head over to

Now Chose Mac version as there is windows version also but we need mac os internet download manger so we will download the dmg file of neat download manager –

After That open the file and move neat download manager to application folder and run the app

Now you have to click on chrome or firefox browser icon listed there just click there and install the preferred extension for you restart your mac and Now you should have Neatdownload manager fully working without any issues

Neat Download manager can support the bellow functions ,

  • Speeds up your Downloads up to your total available BandWidth.
  • Uses an optimized Dynamic Segmentation Algorithm.
  • Organizes your Downloads based on Download Status (Complete, Incomplete) And File Type (Video, Document, …)
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP Protocols.
  • Supports HTTP Proxy and SOCKS Protocol.
  • Supports HTTP Authentication and Proxy Authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM)
  • Has Pause/Resume Capabilities and can resume crashed Downloads.
  • Has Browser Extension that can send Download Links to it and helps you download Video/Audio from any WebSite.
  • Lets you set BandWidth Limit on your Downloads even when Download is in progress.
  • Lets you set the maximum Connection Number on your Downloads even when Download is in progress.
  • Can download all .ts files of an HLS video and at the end merge all segments into a single .ts file.
  • Can Renew expired Downloads.
  • Works with Drag and Drop ( just for Mac,

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