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Completely disable sleep on Mac

How to disable sleep in mac

turn off sleep mode mac

How to disable sleep in mac

Completely disable sleep on Mac is needed for some kernel and work but there are many options where you can actually disable the sleep mode in mac os but here we will discuss and show you the only terminal-based option or command where you will be able to disable sleep on your MacBook or Mac os systems easily –

To do that just open the terminal from utilites folder and enter the following command

sudo systemsetup -setcomputersleep never

now this will ask your mac password enter that and press enter that’s it your mac should not go to sleep mode anymore the video below will show you how to do that if you are still not able to achieve permanent sleep mode on mac simply let us know in comment section we will definitely there to help you more –

YouTube video
how to turn off mac os sleep mode with terminal

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