EFI for intel 3rd genration

hp revolve mac os bigsur

EFI for intel 3rd genration & EFI folder is a really important part of a Hackintosh build now apple announced mac os bigsur and mac os Monterey final version so lots of people trying to update or fresh clean install this awsome latest apple mac os but the main problem is proper drivers and kext files for their systems so for solving this we got you and we are here with latest and tested EFI folders these EFI files are tested on hp revolve and hp folio laptops with 3rd generation on intel processors and intel HD 4000 graphics so you can use these EFI with open core bootloader and bigsur without any issues everything seems to work fine like intel wifi, intel Bluetooth, intel HD 4000 graphics and audio of course – these EFI files can be used on any hp, dell and other laptops which have 3rd generation, intel processors – there are 2 files choice is yours if you want a dual boot with windows 10 NON-CSM then download and use dual boot EFI and if you want just clean install macos hackintosh on your systems then just use the 2nd file which is meant to be for single and clean install mac os bigsur

HOW to dual boot windows 10 or windows 11 with open core

if you chose dual boot EFI with windows 10 then ist install windows 10 and after that create a fat32 partition now restart your system and boot from Hackintosh USB now open disk utility and erase the fat32 partition with APFS file system this will create and partition for mac os big-sur now install the mac os use USB at every reboot and boot to mac installer partition for complete install when you successfully booted into macOS now just mount EFI partition with open-core configurator and place oc folder in efi you should see Microsoft folder there if not then you can download from dual boot EFI link – after placing oc folder in EFI of your system drive just reboot the system and eject the USB drive of Hackintosh – hit f9 or f12 according to your laptop boot menu and select EFI then oc then open core EFI hit enter load image and you will see the mac and windows drives now just select mac because from here you can’t get into windows mac will boot now but if you wanna get back to windows just restart the system your system will automatically boot into windows 10 –

Download EFI Here link here

Update Latest Working Efi with an updated bootloader Download here

Update 2: with full touch support here


HP revolve 810 g1 running mac os bigsur with opencore

hp revolve 810 g1 running with open core bigsur video below :

Note – All Links are Updated if links not working then comment below if you want us to create A EFI for your Hackintosh then you also order our services Here at fivver

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  1. i cant download

  2. Sound and touchpad do not work on Big Sur, everything works well on Catalina.

    1. make sure you update the kexts and all

  3. hi cannot boot with you efi does not show any system in boot screen mine is 810 g2

  4. I have used that one before just wanted to see how yours compared

    1. Sure man you just need to change a few things if you are at g2 with 4th gen change processor type and graphic card type btw which mac version you want to use?

  5. Bigsur but there something wrong with your efi at bootscreen there are no options just says toggle and reset nvram no disks in boot menu

  6. Hi I managed to boot with 1 of your efis
    I can share mine if you want Let me know

    1. Yes Bro sure You can share with us

  7. i have hp revolve 810 g3, but cant manage to boot bigsur or install with EFI?

    1. BRO try Github or you can mod my EFI make sure you select NON CSM UEFI only boot and change processor type to 5th generation and graphics also that should help

  8. yagyesh tiwari says:

    Bro I am new to hackintosh can u create hp revolve G3 efi for me please

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