intel HD 4000 Driver For Windows 11

intel HD 4000 Driver For Windows 11

intel HD 4000 driver For windows 11 for old laptops and devices got trending these days just after Microsoft’s big release of windows 11 after many years with windows 10 this surprise Microsoft Os release Suddenly got released with some Beta versions users can now download & install windows 11 Here – on their devices but with many surprises as we say yes Microsoft have to check your laptop or PC before upgrading to their latest windows version 11 if you gonna do this Via windows update or even clean install you may remove these creepy checks by using some tools and simple hacks check our dedicated post here if you have an old laptop then you may have intel HD 4000 graphics controller & now you looking for optimized intel HD 4000 driver for windows 11

intel HD 4000 Support For Windows 11

intel HD 4000 support page

well we all know intel HD 4000 is such an old integrated graphics card that is commonly used in most 3rd Genration Intel processors if we look into the intel 4000 driver support page then you can see the last optimized driver was released by intel for windows 10 back in 10/23/2020 that’s for up to windows 10 but don’t worry these drivers will work fine with windows 11

Intel Hd 4000 Windows 11 driver download

you got an old device with windows 11 and looking for the right driver for intel hd 4000 then you got 2 choices

  • Download Drivers from windows update that’s quite old maybe from 2016 but works just install windows 11 and head over to windows updates and Windows 11 will automatically update your intel HD 4000 driver
  • Option No 2 is You can download the official and latest Intel hd 4000 drivers from this link this should work fine with all the latest patches and fixes for hd 4000 on windows 11 after installing the driver restart your laptop to see the difference and you may check dxdiag also to verify the GPU in windows 11 this is how intel HD 4000 Driver Windows 11 works for old laptops – want to check battery health in your windows ? check our dedicated article on this here

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