Universal SafetyNet Fix

universal safety net 2021

Universal SafetyNet Fix is Now widely used to bypass safety net checks with almost every latest android Rooted device which is on Android 8 to Android 11 – This method is used to bypass hardware SafetyNet checks which are recently implemented by Google in Latest Android Builds – before that only software checks were implemented So now after getting root on your android device your rotted devices will no longer pass SafetyNet checks and also shows, Device is not Certified, Under Google play Settings -This IS universal fix for Google SafetyNet on Android devices with hardware attestation and unlocked bootloaders

how SafetyNet works
  1. App makes a call to the SafetyNet API.
  2. The API requests a signed response using its backend.
  3. The backend sends the response to Google Play services
  4. The signed response is returned to your app.
  5. Your app should forward the signed response to a server that you trust.
  6. The server verifies the response and sends the result of the verification process back to your app

Why Safetynet fails?

  1. Because Of Custom Rom other than Stock Os Or Ant Unofficial OS
  2. Any Custom Or Modified Apps Or games
  3. Safetynet fails Because Of Root
  4. System Or Stock Android Files temper
  5. CTS profile match failed
  6. CTS profile match and Certificated mismatched
  7. Unauthorized Acces because of any Virus /trojan that makes your android vulnerable

How To Pass SafetyNet

to pass SafetyNet is easy now with the latest safety net fix which is called universal SafetyNet-fix it means you can use this on any rooted device with magisk module so let’s get started on how to do this

  1. Go to GitHub And Download the Latest Build of the universal SafetyNet fix zip From Here
  2. Save The Zip file in your Device
  3. Use MagiskHide Props Config to spoof your CTS profile if you have trouble passing basic attestation. This is a common situation on old devices and custom ROMs
  4. Enable MagiskHide In Magisk
  5. Rename Magisk App To ANy Name so your system Or apps won’t detect root and crash any banking apps or latest games Etc –
  6. Open Magisk Go to Modules Select install from internal Storage and Flash the SafetyNet-fix zip file you just downloaded from Here
  7. Restart your Mobile And Enjoy –

How to pass SafetyNet on android – video

how to SafetyNet Pass Video

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