How To Watch Videos 60 fps – SVP Alternative Free

How To Watch Videos 60 fps - SVP Alternative Free

How To Watch Videos 60 fps – SVP Alternative Free software is demanding nowadays the reason you watched youtube videos at 60 fps or even Netflix at higher frame rates but now when you came to know that you have to actually encode or convert whole media at higher frame rates or buy svp software that supports high frame rates without conversation but what if you want a free alternative that can play HD videos in higher frame rates without conversation and convert your existing media with realtime so you watch and enjoy all of your videos in higher frame rate or 60 fps this post is for you –

How can I watch my movies at 60 FPS? or how to watch all my videos which mostly came into 30 fps or 23,25 fps encoded how can I enjoy them at higher frame rates without conversion as you know youtube and other major video services are now supporting higher frame rates in their videos like youtube now supports up to 60 fps video and may go further above that limit so seamlessly if you are watching videos at higher frame rates you may not want to enjoy your downloaded or homemade videos at lower frame rate like 25 or 30 so what we can do about them as they already encoded in lower frame rates so we have two options to enable higher frame rates in videos No – 1 re-encode your videos in higher frame rates option no 2 – enable real-time frame rate conversion SO if you chose option no one then you need encoding software and lots of power and time which is depending on your pc hardware how powerful machine you got. But in case if you chose option no 2 then its a brand new idea and called real time frame rate converstion which is called motion2x, smooth video playback (SVP) , Or MEMC which usaly we see in android and many other mobiles or even the latest tv sticks are equipt with memc software which can make video playback realy smooth but what about pc and windows if you chose laptop or pc for watching videos then you got some softwares that can convert your offline or downloaded media into higer frame rates without REENOCDE or converting hassle The most common software we usaly see at google is SVP which is smooth video playback project a great software that can convet your media in real time but its paid software within windows if you got linix then it’s free you can simply enjoy svp linux for free but luckily we got another great option which is free and simple called splash video player you can just download splash video player for free and start watching your media in higer frame rates make sure you follwed our video guide how to watch videos in 60 fps for free you can say its kind of free allternative to SVP which is usaly paid in most cases hope you enjoy our video and web guide peace – best free svp alternative svp alternative free convert 30 fps to 60 fps 60 fps video converter free how to watch movies in 60 fps how to watch videos 60 fps how to watch videos in higher frame rate without converting them –

How to watch all videos in 60 fps? without converting

Let’s get to the point you just have to download free software called Splash video player which you can easily download by googling it or Click here

  • After installing Splash open the splash video player.

You will see settings just click that

Now you will see Lots of playback options there make sure you enabled Motion2x – You should be able to play all videos at 60 fps now without SVP or any other paid software around we also add the detailed video below that perfectly describes what is the best and free svp alternative

svp alternative free download

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