Intel Alder Lake Vs Apple M1 Max

Intel Alder Lake Vs Apple M1 Max

Intel Alder Lake Vs Apple M1 Max this debate is getting very serious hype after Intel teased the next generation of their mobile/laptops & pc 12th generation processors which are officially called ALDER LAKE we will see the First main processors for pcs and then after that in the 2021 Q1 until march or April is expected release date for 12th generation intel alder lake mobile processors which gonna power 12th generation laptops for sure to rival latest MacBooks from apple with apple m1 max processors which got really good in terms of GPU and Cpu power specifically benchmarks are awesome for apple fans but intel just fire back with powerful 12th generation intel alder lake early benchmarks are very impressive for 12th generation alder Lake processors and they got neck to neck or even intel alder lake beats apple in some latest benchmarks scores below –

Intel Alder Lake Vs Apple M1 Max Multi-Core Benchmark scores

In the multi-core benchmark intel12900KH manages to score 13,256

And Apple m1 max scores 12,753

SO 4% more points prove that intel alder lake wins here –

Intel Alder Lake Vs Apple M1 Max Single Core benchmark

In Single core benchmarks for alder lake vs apple m1 max, we got the following scores below.

Intel aldr lake 12900HK got 1851

Apple m1 max got 1,785

So here we can see the intel,s Alder lake is winning against Apple m1 max SOC

Geekbench is used for these benchmarks

12 Generation Laptop vs Apple MacBook with m1 max?

Now lots of people were getting ready to buy the latest MacBook pro with m1 max which is no doubt a powerhouse machine in every except but after the intel leaks & some announcements from their Twitter handles about 12thgenration alder Lake processors competition got really high like people are getting confused between alder lake vs m1 max but we gonna put some facts that can make your decision even easier to choose between intel alder lake laptop or apple m1 max macbook –

The price difference between alder lake & m1 max

price is the main factor for us you know laptops are cheaper than apple MacBooks but for alder lake, the game is not really cheap if you gonna get a 12th generation intel lake powered laptop this will gonna cost you around 700$ to 1500$ according to the selected specification

On the other end if you chose MacBook with m1max this should be around 1500$ to 3000$ depending on the selected MacBook model so we can see around a 25% to 50% price difference between intel alder lake and apple m1 max MacBooks –

m1 max vs alder lake power efficiency

Power efficiency is another big factor for your next new laptop so keep in mind that more speed needs more fuel so a more powerful laptop needs more power indeed but when it comes to the apple m1 max apple won because power efficiency is really impressive with m1 max –

  • Alder Lake chip will use 65W like 11th gen tiger lake
  • apple chip stays at 30w which means more efficiency & power output without using of high power mode or virtual turbo mode which will be available on top macbook pro models
  • alder laker vs m1 max we can say here m1 max by apple dominates easily –

Final results

so above details and discussion about alder lake vs m1 max, we got the straightforward results

  1. The 12th generation intel alder lake laptops should be cheaper than apple macbooks
  2. in terms of power, consumption of apple macbook with m1max dominates
  3. So if you really don’t care about money and budget is not an issue then you may go with the apple macbook pro but if you can wait for a few months then there should be powerful alder lake laptops soon available in the market worth waiting for –

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