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how to create bootable USB on android

how to create bootable USB on android

create bootable usb flash on android without root

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Android bootable usb maker

how to create a bootable USB drive on android is an emerging question that came to mind whenever your pc or mac OS got broken and you need a fresh install of your Windows pc or MacBook but in case you don’t have a secondary machine or laptop in hand now situation gets tricky at this point your beloved Android can work for you and you can create a bootable USB media with your android phone & no root is needed for this purpose you just need A USB drive and desired iso or dmg file you want to restore or flash on your USB drive that you gonna use for your broken laptop or pc later. most of the software came to the rescue within the android play store when you search bootable USB maker in the search bar but many of them are useless or some needs special permission called Root for android which is a bit tricky and you everyone may not be able to achieve that easily so we decided to go with simple and NON Root android bootable USB maker which you can directly download from play store and of course its free and came without root you can flash iso , raw, and even dmg files which you can use for MacBooks and Apple macOS for restore –

Things You Need ,

  1. A USB or pen drive according to the image size that you gonna flash on usb drive like if you need to make bootable windows usb then atleast 8gb & if you gonna restore macOS dmg then you should use 16gb flash drive
  2. Android phone with Android 7 and up
  3. iso dmg or raw image file on your android

How to make bootable flash drive on android phone

  • Connect usb flash drive to your android phone if shows unsupported simply format the flash drive in your android
  • download and open the software called Etch Droid (no root ) from playstore or click here for install
  • open the etch droid and slect write raw image or iso according to your need or you may slect dmg file but its currently in Beta version right now .
how to create bootable USB on android
etchdroid non-root

After that select, the USB flash drive you just connect to your android phone and finally choose flash by clicking the icon located in the bottom right corner this will start writing the image file from your android device and of course will take some time depending on iso or image size you just select –

Note – when the flash proccec got complted you may see a notfcation saying usb flash drive is unsupoorted its normal just unplug and insert the flash drive in your laptop or pc that should be work as normal bootable flash drive

Video how to make a bootable USB flash drive on android

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