how to enable hyper v in windows 11

how to enable hyper v in windows 11

Hyper-V In Windows 11

how to enable hyper v in windows 11 can be tricky for some geeks around but that’s really simple you can get hyper-v in windows 11 with simple steps But before getting started make sure you turned on Virtualization in Bios & your motherboard or processor are natively supported for Virtualization Technolgy Because some old kind of motherboards and processors Not supporting remember that hyper-v technology-based virtualization and meant to support virtual machines software on windows platform without bios support you won’t be able to use HYPER-V -you can check out more details on hyper-v at Microsoft website here or get wiki here

enable virtualization in bios

  • Reboot your Computer and Press the BIOS Key
  • Locate the section for CPU configuration
  • Find the Settings for Virtualization
  • Select the Option for Enabling Virtualization
  • Save the Changes You Have Made
  • Exit Your BIOS and Reboot Your Computer

Enable Hyper-V or virtualization IN Windows 11

To enable hyper-v in windows 11 just follow the steps below

  1. Open Control panel then click programe and features
  2. now from there chose turn windows features on or off
  3. Now Slect hyper-v from this section shown in picture below
  4. your pc will install some updates and then restarts
how to enable HyperV in windows 11

this is how to enable hyper v in windows 11

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